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The Grand Old Duke Of York | Nursery Rhyme Song

Oh The Grand Old Duke of York He had 10,000 men He marched them up to the top of the hill and he marched them down again And when they were up they were up And when they were down they were down And when they were only halfway up they were neither up nor […]

Where to Ride: Mountain Biking wild trails in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Hey guys this week we’re in Scotland’s Northeast bringing you the second installation of BikeRumor’s Where to Ride series. Big Mountain Enduro in Aberdeenshire. Aberdeenshire might not be on the top of your list when coming to ride in Scotland, what with Fort William out in the West and the Tweed Valley in the South, […]

Explosions & Electric Bike Parade! HD

A pretty important… Boom. Boom. Boom! (Explosions are heard) Oh snap! Oh! I see smoke! You see that smoke over there! What’s happening everyone! Welcome to my fifth vlog! Okay, it’s the one year anniversary since my first video was uploaded. A pretty important… Boom. Boom. Boom! (Explosions are heard) Oh snap! Oh! I see […]

Fresh Air Kelowna – Pandosy: January 2020 Vlog Pt.1

Hey guys, welcome to Fresh Air year 2020. I’m Ryan, we’re going to try a little something different this year than what we’ve done in the past years. We’re doing videos. We used to do email blasts, used to do ads, sale ads, promotions. Honestly, I don’t even know if people read it. It kind […]

Masha and The Bear – Recipe For Disaster (Episode 17)

RECIPE FOR DISASTER It’s been a long time since I’ve tried my hand at checkers. Oops. Hey, goalie, hey! Get ready for a play! Who hoo! I scored again! Masha has a 2:0 lead! Who hoo! I scored! I scored! Masha has a 3:0 lead! Bear! We’re done playing! We’re hungry now! Huh! What’s this? […]


So we just met for a very spontaneous riding session wow dude they’re strong What’s up we’re live here at Red Bull Rampage Now I’m gonna take you with me at a show We’re actually at one of the most famous skate spots Guys you won’t believe what happened last year it’s blocked here are […]

#3.2 Eating dust: safari on a mountain bike

Biking through these ongoing sand storms, ..the sand here is very loose and thin. A new day, a new adventure. We’ll be mountain biking from Mount Meru, behind me, to Mount Longido. Straight through Maasai land. Time to get out of the car! We’re hoping to be close to the nature around here and the […]

Rowerami w Trójmieście! | #GodziekBrothers

Simon: We’re in Gdansk! David: Such a good spot! hard, hard, hard Welcome to our new vlog We’re in Gdańsk to visit the NS BIKES crew and ride bikes a bit! We’ve got our enduro bikes here! It’s already dark outside and we’re riding street I’ll try to hit that one now! It’s gonna be […]