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GRAVEL BIKE dans le givre et/ou la boue autour de Saignelégier

What we’ll we do? What? Well, ok, I’ll answer Today we’re in the Bois It’s cold Above the clouds We’ll make the path around Saignelégier, you find it on Suisse Mobile We want to see if in the shadows It’s frozen and/or risky It will be We’ll find out It will be We will see […]

Dimension Data’s BMC Timemachine Road 01 | Ryan Gibbons’ Pro Bike

– This is the BMC Timemachine Road 01 of Dimension Data for 2019. Of course Dimension Data, they have swapped over from Cervelo bikes for the season. Let’s have a look at what I think is a really striking design. (lofi music) (graphic whooshing) (graphic thudding) And the Timemachine is the aero road race bike […]

Carving & Freeride Fun || Spring Snowboarding, France 2019

Is it recording? First 3 days *WERE* fun! (I know, I know :P) Oh yes! Oh nooo!!! 😀 Because you are… no internet man! No juice (internet) Hello Fuck me! Personal best!!! o.O What a f…. ride! Men, I’ve never shredd so fast! Wind was stopping me!!!:P Freedom for feet! How do you feel? – […]

Mountain Biking with Penguins | A Year in Antarctica (episode 4)

[A YEAR IN ANTARCTICA: episode 4] [MOUNTAIN BIKING WITH PENGUINS] [Gardner Island, 6 December 2009] [Adélie penguin: Pygoscelis adeliae] [Weddell seal: Leptonychotes weddellii] [LATER THAT DAY…] Well this is another day in the chronicles of at the Antarctic experience we’re out here enjoying the best at the Antarctic has to offer today mountain bike tours […]

Swagman XP Folding Hitch Bike Rack Review – etrailer.com

Today well be reviewing the Swagman XP folding three bike carrier for inch and a quarter and two inch hitches, part number S64950. Normally, well load the bike on the cradles closest to the vehicle, but for todays demonstration purposes we will be loading the bike on the end cradles so you can see the […]

Dahon “KatlaGel” Folding Bike Fest [ENG SUB | TR Alt Yazı]

This week, we introduce a different kind of bike festival. We came to Dalyan/Ortaca for the folding bike festival. We’ll have a boat trip and short bike tour for 1th day. We’ll use bikes till the boat, let’s ride. Serkan Taşdelen: It’ve about 1-1.5 km climb, a ramp that we can comfortably get out of. […]