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Lifespan Fitness SP-960 Spin Bike.

The Lifespan Fitness SP960 is a full commercial spin bike that brings you the best in durability and riding experience. The SP960 has been designed to exceed commercial quality standards with precision cut alloy frame components. You will feel seamless seat and handlebar adjustments, and, benefit from components that will not rust in high moisture […]

How Fit Did Dan Get In 10 Weeks? | Zero To …?

(crowd cheering) (whistling) (clapping) – At the start of the year, I decided having barely ridden my bike for a couple of years that it was time to get fit. So I got in contact with The Sufferfest who kindly agreed to provide me with a detailed 10-week training program. And with a lead who […]

Episode 13: Peloton Challenge

– Have you ever bought anything and then not use it? I have, and I want to talk to you about that one. (bright music) Hey, it’s Robyn Burdett with RE/MAX, and I just wanted to have this conversation with you today, kind of a a-ha moment, maybe, with some accountability thrown in here. But […]