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The Peloton Bike Commercial: Are We Really Having This Conversation?

Are we really still having that conversation around the Peloton bike commercial? I mean really – it is the most ridiculous amount of debate that we see so often on social media, with people arguing about their opinion of what this commercial is actually about. So if you haven’t already seen it, I encourage you […]

Does Fasted Exercise Actually Work? | The GTN Show Ep. 120

– Welcome back to the GTN Show, and you’ll be glad to see, I am at least, that it’s not just me in the set this week. – Yeah, I’m very sorry to have left you last week, Fraser, but you did a fantastic job on your own. If you do follow us on social […]

The Best Training For Weight Loss? | Ask GCN Anything

– Welcome to this week’s Ask GCN Anything. – Coming up this week, we talk electric cars. – Yes, and VO2 max. – And, how to become a pro. – If you’d like to get in on next week’s show, then use the hashtag #Torqueback, and what was the other one Chris? – #AskGCNtraining to […]

5 Nutrition Tips For Cyclists | Eat Better & Ride Faster With GCN

Want some quick pointers to get your nutrition on track? Coming up are our top nutrition tips. (upbeat music) In this video you’ll see I’m using products from products form Enervit, and that’s because they are our nutrition partner. But there are of course other products available. (tribal music) Hydration, hydration is crucial to maintaining […]

20-Minute Workout – 2-in-1 Rowing Upright Exercise Bike

Working out with the Row and Rider is a fun way to burn calories while building and toning muscles in your back shoulders and arms In this video, I’ll be demonstrating the most effective way to use the rowing and cycling functions to create the best exercise experience possible. Before you begin it’s important to […]

Faster Time Trials, Fixed Gear Bikes & Healthy Weight Loss | Ask GCN Anything

– Welcome to Ask GC Anything. – Coming up this week. How you can improve your time trialing. How high-intensity intervals will improve your performance, and I know that only too well myself. – Yes you do. – With recent experiences. And also, the best upgrade to make your bike lighter. – Yes, and if […]

StreetStrider Outdoor Elliptical Bike: 60 Commercial

For more than a decade fitness experts have agreed that the elliptical cross-trainer is the most effective cardiovascular machine on the planet. Elliptical users say it’s like running on the air What if you could take it your elliptical… OUTDOORS!?! Can your elliptical do this? Call or go online now to order your very own […]

How To Lose Weight Through Cycling

– [Dan] If your goal is to lose some weight, then cycling is a fantastic way to do it. And some more good news is if cycling is your only goal, losing weight whilst maintaining power will make you faster, – [Simon] Yeah, so for example, a 75 kilogram rider cycling up a long hill […]