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How To Get The Most Out Of Your E-Bike | Performance & Durability

– Owning an e-bike is often gonna mean more riding and more riding’s gonna lead to more wear on your bike. You’re gonna be taking in new terrain, going on bigger adventures, maybe pushin’ the envelope a little bit more. I mean, that’s the thing with e-bikes, it just makes you go nuts for riding, […]

How To Care For Your Rim Brakes | Road Bike Maintenance

– So following on from our video of TLC for disc brakes, we had loads of requests for TLC for rim brakes. And who am I to let you down? So here are seven tips for you so that your brakes slow you down and don’t let you down. (upbeat music) So checking out your […]

Mistakes That All Cyclists Make On Bike Rides

– Whether you’re a newcomer or an expert, the chances are if you ride a bike, at some point you’ve made some mistakes, if not, all of them. – Yeah, so what mistakes have you made? (dramatic music) (happy electronic music) – I’m going to start with video with an absolute favorite of mine, actually, […]

What To Wear For Cycling: Loose Vs Lycra Clothing

– If you want to go cycling, you’re going to need cycling kit, right? Cycling jersey, cycling shorts. – Nah, nah, nah, you don’t need to look like a cyclist if you want to go riding. (snaps fingers) There are loads of different clothing options out there. What you choose to wear is entirely down […]

Will Riding Too Fast Break MTB Parts? | GMBN Tech

(bell chimes) – This is ask GMBN Tech, our weekly show, where we get to talk about mountain bike tech related stuff. So, if you guys got any questions, or anything you wanna know, fire your questions in to the email address on the screen there, or you can add yours in the comments below […]

7 Mountain Bike Rules That Should Be Broken

(laughing) – [Mountain Biker] Why do they make rules in mountain biking? Just doesn’t make mountain biking fun, does it? Well I’m gonna get these rules. I’m gonna smash them up, and these are my top rules that need to be broken. Let’s go! (music playing) Rules, rules, rules, rules. Yes, they’re there to keep […]

Can Rain Stop Play? | What To Wear Mountain Biking In Wet Weather

– You ready for a ride then, Neil? – Well, we did say we were going to ride, so. – Oh, you did, yeah. Poor English weather riding. – It’s not gonna stop us. Come along for a ride with us. – Hurry up, get ready. – Go and get ready. – [Doddy] Mountain biking’s […]