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How To Clean Your Bike On Holiday Or Travelling | Maintenance Monday

– You’ve come away on the riding trip of a lifetime, you’ve been on perfect roads in perfect weather, and then one day this happens. Which is a problem. But you ride anyway, because you’re hard as nails, obviously And then, then you have an issue because your bike is now absolutely filthy. So what […]

The 5 Minute Bike Wash – How To Clean Your Bike In A Hurry

cleaning bikes can be a real pain but I hate riding dirty black actually hate it so that’s come up with a way of keeping my bikes clean that didn’t take ages and wasn’t a faff here’s my five minute by cleaning routine that I can do immediately after every ride especially in the wet […]

How To Remove Dried Tubeless Tyre Sealant

(whooshing) (slamming) (light music) – Tubeless tires are certainly becoming increasingly popular with the drop bar fraternity, and with that punctures are becoming less popular which let’s face it, is great news. But a question we do get asked over and over is, how do I clean dried up tubeless sealant from a bike frame. […]

E Mountain Bikes Explained: Why Ride An E-MTB?

– Right Steve, E-bike are very cool, but why would I choose to ride an E mountain bike? – Well I think freedom more than anything. E biking, I think it mixes trail, and downhill really well. If you’re kind of more gravity orientated then it takes away your reliance on a chair lift, or […]

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Traveling With Your Mountain Bike

– No matter how good you are at maintaining your bike, or even how often you do it, occasionally, you’re still going to make mistakes in working on your bike. And all too often, they’ll become exposed when you head out riding, hitting the trails at the last minute, or even putting your bike on […]

Lubing A Mountain Bike Chain Correctly | GMBN Tech MTB Essentials Ep. 8

– This is a GMBN Tech essentials series, our easy to follow guide to setting up and maintaining your bike yourself. In this video, we’re looking at lubricating the chain, which although does sound like a very simple thing, it’s something often approached totally wrong. So, we’re gonna dispel a few myths here today in […]

Build Your Own Mountain Bike | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 205

– Coming up on this show this week we discuss how to produce your own bike. – Ooh, and would you invest in these products? Or no? It’s the Dirt Shed Show! – It’s the Dirt Shed Show! (upbeat music) (tools clanging) Yes, welcome to this week’s Dirt Shed Show with Chain Reaction Cycles of […]

How To Service A Free Hub Body | Mountain Bike Maintenance

– The freehub body, often called the cassette body, is this central part of the hub that the cassette sits on top of. Now it’s primary job is to allow the drive train to work, and also disengage, allow you to free wheel. Inside this, the typical type of free hub body has a pawl […]

How To Clean Your Disc Brakes | Mountain Bike Maintenance

Squealing brakes is one of the most irritating things you can suffer from when out riding mountain bikes and the squeels can range from ear-piercing shrieks all the way to horrendous howling, sometimes even vibration that you can feel through your hands. So this is everything you need to know about this brake squeeling and […]