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10 Useful Hacks For Mountain Biking In Winter

(dramatic music) – Now it might feel that the worst of winter is behind us, but there’s still a lot of mud out there and certainly a lot more rain to come until spring, which does mean that you’re gonna be maintaining your bike lots until that point. Which means there’s still a load of […]

Are E-Bikes 100% Waterproof? | Ask EMBN Anything About E-Biking

– Welcome to ask EMBN and today we’re going to be talking about water resistance, travel, pedals, and much much more. (logo whirring) Now, the first question is from Topsey Kretts. Topsey’s asking, Sorry I don’t know much about e-bikes, as I’m just thinking about getting into it. Anyway, are e-bikes waterproof or just water […]

Top 10 Mountain Bike Life Hacks

– I’m back with a bunch of hacks. This time it’s more focused on MTB kit in your life, and how to look after it all. So, here are my best MTB life hacks. Hydration bladders, most people use these if they go for a decent ride. And I think, if you’re like me, you […]