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Electric DIY scooter/bike: silent, clean and cheap.

Hello. My name is Sarunas and this time I present my latest creation – this scooter. It is special, because it is electric, converted from gasoline, model Peugeot JetForce 50. Original petrol engine power was 3.5kW, and now, average long-term power is 7kW. It can be fully charged in 20-30 minutes from any 220V mains […]

Downhill Mountain Biking in Colombia – Marcelo Gutiérrez 2013

My name is Marcelo Gutiérrez Villegas, and for me, downhill represents what I have been working and fighting for all my life. It has been my career for around 12 years, for which I have done a lot of sacrifices. It’s all the results and objectives that I’m going for, and all the goals for […]

Behind the scenes of ( Limitless Abhishek )

so hey guys ! whatssup welcome back to the channel everyone ! and hope you guys are doing absolutely fine ! do today we are going to show you the bts of limitless abhishek ! lets see how it goes !! so limitless abhishek project idea it suddenly came itno my mind ! i never […]

Alfa Romeo 155 – Test & Hill Climb (ENG SUBS)

We are in a very nice route By the sea we are… …in Kameiros Skala (Rhodes – Greece) and we drive an Alfa Romeo 155 factory code Alfa Romeo Tipo 167 This car (155) was produced to replace Alfa Romeo 75 (75 was a legentary and beloved RWD car) in the decade of 90’s 155 […]

Pikes Peak / Ducati Multistrada – MotoGeo Adventures

Once the journey from Los Angeles to Pikes Peak was complete the bike got prepared for the hill climb while I went down to the registration and signed up. Once I was given the green light it was then time for the bike to pass through technical inspection. Now fitted with performance suspension, exhaust, and […]

Should Gianni Moscon Be Banned? | The Cycling Race News Show

Welcome to the GCN Racing News Show – this week, Gianni Moscon is handed a 5 week ban by the UCI, we’re asking if this is enough. We also look at the Tours of Poland, Utah and Portugal, the Vuelta a Burgos, the European Road Championships, the Crescent Vargarda, and the conclusion of the Trans […]

A Freeride MTB Playground – Original Rampage Site | Jordan Boostmaster

This is where Rampage first began. None of us had been here before so we didn’t really know what to expect But we were pleasantly surprised with how awesome and fun this place was We didn’t spend too much time here because our plan was to leave the day after Rampage. We were so stoked […]


This time is a hill climb that exceeds 25 km. I thought about weight reduction, but I stopped it because my hips would hurt with a hard saddle. Hill Climb Senryu “It’s better to lighten my weight than a bicycle.” By Nokomichi Load the bicycle. Secure with stem and rear wheel. Recently, the rear door […]

The History of Pikes Peak Hill Climb

(people yelling) – One of the toughest hill climbs in the world. (engine revving) I mean, it’s pretty much like the toughest one, (engine revving) but there are others out there, but they’re not as public and people just don’t know it as much as Pikes Peak, which is fair, but, I mean, after all, […]