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Whats up guys! New Video! We just drove to Walmart! Sam and Lukas are here as well! Thanh behind the lens! We are going to buy the cheapest trash bikes we can find at walmart Gonna ride them till they break and see who’s bike lasts longest! lets check the bikes out! lets go! who’s […]

Behold! The Tallgoose Dolomite Tall Fat Bike

Okay, so I owe you guys an explanation. Let’s do a quick recap. As you know I ordered a ridiculously cheap mongoose dolomite fat bike from Target. Although it was heavy and clumsy, it exceeded my expectations for $180. So I did what any reasonable person would: Ride into the port and try to surf […]

Walmart MTB Trail Test

In the last video, we bought a $140 bike from Walmart and corrected a bunch of issues with its assembly. Today, we’re off to Amelia Earhart mountain bike trails to test out the Mongoose for real. This is my sister, Emily. She’s an avid road cyclist, but has only been mountain biking once. Emily will […]

Viathon G.1 Gravel Bike First Look – Detailed & Demoed

(dramatic music and sound effects) – Viathon is a completely new bike brand that launched in spring of this year with three models, the R.1 road bike, the M.1 cross-country mountain bike, and this, the G.1 gravel bike. THey’ve asked us to take a look at it, and so in this video I’m going to […]

Walmart Bike VS Whistler Bike Park

My name is Paul and I am a mountain bike punter. But what if I took all that away? What if I tried to ride Whistler Mountain Bike Park on the Cheapest bike available to me? I thought I would give it a go and see what happens. An averagely skilled mountain biker who just […]

Walmart Bike Torture Test – Street Trials

In the last video, we took our Walmart Mongoose to the mountain bike trails, and verified that it would hold up to the short term needs of a beginner riding novice trails. I say short term because the hubs on this bike are wearing at an alarming pace. The headset is awful too, and by […]


hey guys what’s up and welcome to a new video from Walmart San Diego the last time I have been to California I went to Walmart with Marc and sam pilgrim and we tested a beach cruiser to its fullest lets take a look now we are back at Walmart and I have asked you […]

$149 Mountain Bike vs mountain – The Walmart Enduro

Welcome to Pisgah Forest, home to a huge array of remote and challenging mountain bike trails. To get anywhere here, you need to climb a few thousand feet. To get out alive your bike needs to hold up to roots, sharp rocks, and sustained braking. There’s no cell phone reception out here, and the trails […]

$59 Walmart Bike vs. $6500 Mountain Bike

– [Jason Voiceover] Mountain bikes aren’t getting any cheaper. However, as prices go up, the technology that goes into a bicycle gets better and better. Dropper posts, carbon everything, and chain rings that you could serve a turkey dinner on all add up to make your riding experience more enjoyable. Or do they? Do you […]

Is your MTB too heavy? Probably not

Look familiar? We torture tested this Walmart Mongoose back in October, and since then I’ve made a few little improvements. Even the front wheel is straight now, thanks to the highly malleable nature of steel rims. And no, that is not a Rockshox suspension fork. The reason I busted out the Walgoose is so we […]