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I took my GF & dog for a walk :)

hey there everyone is Theo today Xoe and I went for a walk with Tommy we went to just some nature trail down the road from us and we got to go see the water for the first time for Tommy and we also collected shells, and what else did we do- we got rocks. […]

How To Use The Run Walk Method | Using Running & Walking After Injury

– Now, if you’re coming back from injury it can be all too tempting to jump straight back in and return to full running. Frustration is understandable, but actually following a well thought out and structured plan will, in the long run, see you coming back to full fitness far quicker. So allow me to […]

⁴ᴷ⁵⁰ Cycling Moscow: Moscow Center – from Mayakovskaya Metro Station to Mokhovaya Street

Mayakovskaya Metro Station Tverskaya Street Tchaikovsky Concert Hall Moskovskiy Akademicheskiy Teatr Satiry (Moscow Academic Theater of Satire) Garden Ring Dom Na Kudrinskoy Ploshchadi (House on Kudrinskaya Square – High-Rise) Bol’shaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa (Street) Tsentral’nyy Dom Literatorov (Moscow Writers Union) Children’s Theatre Studio “Home Theater” Khram Bol’shoye Vozneseniye U Nikitskikh Vorot (The Great Ascension Temple at […]

How to move your Gi Fly Bike when it is folded

Hi! My name is Gabe and I’m here to show you how to move your folded bike. Before we get started, I want to tell you two important things: Number 1: Never move your folded bike backwards. This will make the left pedal get stuck in the spokes and it’s a messy business and you […]

MTB WVP on Ice with 45NRTH studded bike tires 2019

It’s so cool Oh my gosh, look at that Oh daddy’s already over there It’s frozen Whoaa Ho Ho Ho Ho!! Ohhhh Ho Ho Ho Ho!! This is fine See? Oh, Anna it’s frozen. You can walk on it Seriously? Try… *giggles* Wow, SO PRETTY! Look… (inaudible) [Anna] Hi So pretty Hey, daddy I’m trying […]