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Biggest Backflip so Far ! Freeride Fontainebleau

Here we are in Fontainebleau I gotta be cautious because I f*cked up my knee pretty bad yesterday let’s see what I can do where to go ? knee seems to hold on.. good thing well.. bit slippery ! that’s too far !! manual landing !? 😀 that’s stressful.. this one would not have came […]


Ok We’ll buy food for this evening A good sausage for the morning! In the car, we have got food (Rock music) I think that will be bullshit (Rock music) (Laugh) (Rock music) (Laugh) (Discussion) (Laugh) Mmhhh! A good sandwich ! Effectively we can change, put the piece of wood under the fire Yeah, do […]

WINTERACTIVITY le Film – Ski Freeride – Eng subtitle

Shi-fou-mi Oh, Remi, easy. Good guys, you both did the stone, I made the sheet I welcome Welcome to Courchevel They’re here and they excel Riding Offtrack Watch your mind, you’re gone crack. Big expectations. No limits. just do it. From where do you come, white and cold snow? Snow who gathers the scattered All […]

TAILLEFER A VTT – ALPS MTB #1 – freeride, DH – Grenoble, Isère

fuck! we have to climb that? you don’t know that this morning, Fanny hurts her back tying her sholaces and now she’s carrying a 15 kg bike and a 10 kg bag I don’t know… it’s female logic I don’t want to remove the bike hands down yes I see that you’re biking without hand […]


Hi everybody ! I hope you are well ! Today we will ride an hour together! We are on my personal ground, we will try to modulate all these obstacles to have cool lines, and do some new combos ! Let’s go ! That’s it for this little hour session! I am very happy with […]

Mon NOUVEAU VTT STREET TRIAL ! (Déballage & Montage)

Hi everyone, I hope you’re fine! Today no riding session, today we will do some mechanics together, and today I’m going to build up with you … my brand new Inspired Fourplay! This time it’s the red model, replacing the green model, I chose this color because it fit with the Urban Trial Show structure, […]