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Hi everyone, welcome to the new TRICKSTOP video Today I will try to learn pretty special trick – NINJA DROP I will stand on an obstacle, hold my bike in my hands, jump off and land to the pedals and catch my handlebars You could see Fabio Wibmer doing this trick in one of his […]

pro rider roadking hill climb and descent

you know I’m gonna do I’m gonna try and go out there can you see the big hill thusly I’m gonna try and go on this mobility scooter to pro rider Road King but it’s got like a special I suppose superpower so there if it tips too high it won’t go so come with […]

No More Training Wheels!

(upbeat music) (laughing) – [Lucy] You’re doing it, girl! – Colin! – Good job, buddy! – [Lucy] And look at you, Addy, doing tricks over here! Hi Layla-Jane! – To infinity and beyond! – Yes, there you go! – You can do it! Oh my gosh! Daddy let go! (joyous screams) – [Lucy] You’re doing […]


all right so I’m just heading down to go and see the team, I’ve just done my training ride just gonna go down and meet them at the finish line and then we’ll get warmed up and ready to go, the race is at three so it’s about 2:30 now so I’m gonna walk over […]

First Ride 2017 | + Eng Subs

…NICE to ride again I really missed that well, it’s still quite cold at this time still beginning of March but I think, it can just become better and better for the first ride of 2017, I’m not gonna improvise too much I just head to a meet point for motorcycle that should be good […]

Nielegalne Wyścigi Rowerów

Hello! Good Afternoon! Hello, excuse me Do you know that drinking alcohol in public is against the law? I know sir, but that is denatured alcohol, it conteins Etanol and drinking it in public is legal You are right sir, sorry for invading you What we’ve got here? Thats memes with president Please stop! Hi! […]


Hi everybody ! I hope you are well ! Today we will ride an hour together! We are on my personal ground, we will try to modulate all these obstacles to have cool lines, and do some new combos ! Let’s go ! That’s it for this little hour session! I am very happy with […]

Hill Climb Vs GROM?! Crazy Off-Road GromVenture

interesting way to start a video never fails What’s going on you guys it’s been a while? Finally got my motovlogging set up back and running so the content will be coming wow that sounded really corny you guys get the point I’ve been trying to make videos guys and i just could not get […]


It’s so cold! We don’t want to ride Khaki colour… The winner is… ..way higher level of bike.. What’s your sag? What is that? I’m not an expert, I don’t really know Hi everyone, we received a lot of messages about our bikes, so we decided to shoot this video We will do a bike […]