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Inside Cycling’s Lockdown – Hope In Dark Times | The GCN Show Ep.376

Hank: Welcome. Simon: Welcome. Manon: Welcome. Florian: Welcome. Oscar: Welcome. Mayalen: Welcome. Conor: Welcome. Giorgio: Giorgio. Ollie: Welcome. Bernie: Welcome. Doi: Welcome. Kunihiro: Welcome. Mario: Welcome to- All: -the GCN Show. Dan: Welcome to the GCN Show. This week, we are going to be looking at the very best of cycling humanity in the face […]

Climb it

We’re we’re like rolling down the hill together of-… What’s down the hill ? I feel like we’re climbing ! We’re getting closer to enlightenment and you feel we’re going down ? (laughs) We’re climbing, we’re getting pulled up a hill by our curiosity We’re pushing ourse-… We’re pulling us up a hill by our […]


Already so you understand that it is really cool friends Hi guys and welcome to this new video i am michele then we are all stuck in the house I am now at work more specific but continues to receive packages supplies so I thought let’s spend some time unbox went something together chatting what […]

Coronavirus – Vélo, VTT et confinement

hello I publish this video in reaction to reactions that I see on social networks some MTB rider think that lockdown means hollidays… during which they can go to ride or train I’m aware of this epidemic because… Fanny works at the hospital her sister is a nurse at the hospital too in Alsace on […]


So guys we finally arrived in New Zealand It’s my 5th year here We are here for Crankworx, the biggest competition in the world The whole trip was endless I cannot tell you how much because then you won’t come I’m joking, I’m gonna tell you It took us about 27-28 hours in total I’m […]