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Vintage Raleigh Road Ace 531c Road Bike Restoration

Hello and welcome to another bike and another restoration This is a very special one this as an absolute gem that I had to share with you This is a Raleigh road Ace 12 a beautiful example it is so originial but I had to get this it is unbelievable I think the bike has […]

Vintage Cycle Restoration Viscount Gran Prix (Road Bike)

OK Welcome to another restoration this is a Viscount 1979 Gran Prix I do not know to much about this bike I do know it was made in England quiet interesting and the company originally was lambert and Viscount that was the 1970s them bikes was quiet expensive this was a later model 1979 so […]

Building A Retro Replica Bike | 1920’s (ish) Giro Challenge Part 1

(logo whooshing) – Now what with it being the Giro d’italia I was having a chat to Si in the office about how tough the riders were back in the 1920s. How they battled over mountains with just two gears on their bikes. One on either side of a flip-flop hub. And I said to […]

Building The Bike | Vintage Replica Bike Build Part 2

(whooshing) – Okay, the time has come to build up this bike into something that loosely resembles what the riders were using about 100 years ago. And while loads of you loved it when I built up that cheap bike to super bike so hopefully this may give some of you an inspiration too. Well, […]

Vintage Ammaco Race Bike Restoration

Hello and welcome to another Bike and another Restoration this is a 23.5″ Monte Carlo Ammaco Bike I was not to sure with the company itself Ammaco I did a bit of digging and found out that they imported BMX’s Some of you may rememberer the actually Mongoose but they used to import a lot […]

Vintage Raleigh Sirocco Road Bike Restoration

Hello and welcome to another bike and another restoration! This is a Raleigh and I am very excited about this one it is a Raleigh Sirocco I know that because it is written on the top bar but also because its a red flash here and a red flash at the front itself I have […]

Vintage Carlton Road Bike Restoration

Hello and Welcome to another Bike and another Restoration I get asked a lot where do I find these Bikes from This one was quiet an interesting story I had been out Cycling I was dressed in lycra and in the traffic a couple of cars a head, I seen a van on its way […]

Vintage Claud Butler 531 Road Bike Restoration

Hello and welcome to another bike and another Restoration This is a Claud Butler it dates back some 135 years well the company does so a lot of history there it started off in 1928 when Claud Butler who was worried about using his own name within the brand opened a cycle shop with the […]

Vintage Kirk Precision Road Bike Restoration

Hello, Welcome to another Bike and another Restoration Very Special one this one. This is a Kirk Precision, built in the 1980’s Designed by Frank Kirk. Who was a Ford Car Designer Legend has it that he got the inspiration for the design for this frame, from a Ford Serria bumper. Believe it or not! […]

Raleigh lightweight Road Bike Restoration (Special Edition)

Hello and welcome to another video This is a Raleigh Light Weight Special Edition I cannot not find this anywhere in the brochures I did put this out to the audience to ask them their opinion of what we should do with the cycle we got an overwhelming response with keeping the bike original so […]