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Vintage Carlton Road Bike Restoration

Hello and Welcome to another Bike and another Restoration I get asked a lot where do I find these Bikes from This one was quiet an interesting story I had been out Cycling I was dressed in lycra and in the traffic a couple of cars a head, I seen a van on its way […]

Peugeot Z Team 753 Vintage Road Bike

Hello and welcome to another bikes in focus This is where we get to look at some extra special vintage road bikes I have got a beautiful Peugeot bike just over there so lets go and have a look This is a Reynolds 753 in Team Z Colours Back from 1989 riders such as Greg […]

How Much Faster Are Modern Bikes? | Retro Vs Modern

– [Simon] Bike technology moves really quickly. Every year new products come out that are lighter, stiffer, more aerodynamic. All supposedly making us faster. But, how much difference does it actually make? How much faster are modern bikes? I really want to find out. – [retro-Simon] So do I. – Nice bike. – Oh, thank […]

Trash To Treasure | How To Fix Up An Old Bike

– Now it’s not often that you can get lucky with something pretty special just hanging around at the side of the street but I did ’cause a couple of months back on my way into work I stumbled across this very bike with this very sign just laying there ripe for my picking, let’s […]