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Ventum NS1 Road Bike Superbike Unveiling

(door opens) – Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. (door closes) (footsteps cross the floor) Morning, Trainiacs. It is new bike day. This is the Ventum NS1 with Alto wheels and Shimano Ultegra DI2, and I wanna get right in here literally (sniffs). It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful. Let me have some breakfast, and I’ll introduce […]

Super Bike Vs Hyper Bike: Can You Go Faster If You Break The Rules?

(intense dramatic music) – [Narrator] In 2018, GCN made a hyper-bike. A bike that ripped up the rule book and then burned it. (flames crackling) But after that video a key question remained. Is a hyper-bike actually any good? – [Ollie] Honestly we didn’t know. So we’ve gone and built another one. Only this time […]