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Faulkner Folding Electric Bike Review – etrailer.com

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the Falcon Folding Electric Bike Part #FR82048 It folds up for compact storage so you can take it anywhere It only weighs 57 pounds The battery powered motor allows you to cruise and the pedal assist system allows you to pedal to use less power It […]

Superblocks: How Barcelona is taking city streets back from cars

If you imagine a typical American city street, and you take away the space that’s dedicated to cars, you aren’t left with very much. There are some narrow walkways on the side, and some bridges in between them, but not much else. Cars dominate cities. Spend some time walking around most cities and you’ll find […]

Thule Cadence Bike Trailer Review – etrailer.com

Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Thule Cadence Bike Trailer for 2 Children 12 Months and older Part number TH10101802 The Thule Cadence Bike Trailer has everything you need to take your children along on your adventures This double bike trailer allows you to safely take two children along for the ride The […]

Swagman RV Bumper 2 Bike Rack Review – etrailer.com

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the Swagman RV Bumper Two Bike Rack part number S80605. This sturdy steel constructed bike rack carries up to two bikes, 35 pounds per bike. The upper right bar adds additional support for your bikes and the bike rack is powder coated to resist rust and […]

Inno Velo Gripper Truck Bed Bike Rack Review – etrailer.com

Today we’ll be taking a look at Inno Velo Gripper This is a single bike rack for the bed of your truck, part number INRT201, also available for truck beds with c-channels, part number INRT202 The Inno Velo Gripper is a great solution to have for carrying your bike in the bed of your truck […]

Slime Self Sealing Bicycle Tube Review – etrailer.com

Today on our road bike, we’ll be reviewing and showing you how to install the Slime self-sealing bicycle tube, part number SLMSTB-970019-10 It comes in a quantity of one, so if you’d like to change both tires, you’ll have to pick up a separate one The Slime self-sealing tube installs just like a regular tube […]

Gear Up Vertical Wall Mount Bike Storage Rack Review – etrailer.com

Today we’re going to review and install part number GU40010 from Gear-up. This is a solo vertical wall-mount bike rack. This rack is designed to attach to one of the studs in the wall. First off we’ll go ahead and put our bike rack where we want it on the wall and line it up […]