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Installing and detaching rear bench – Part 2

If you need more loading space, it’s advisable to remove the rear seat benches of your Mercedes-Benz Vito. And this is how it’s done. Lower the head rests as far as they will go. Pull the unlocking handle upwards, and fold the seats forwards. Then release the unlocking handles of the front bases and lift […]

2019 Unity Murphy Bed

Hey, Dean from Leisure Travel Vans. We’re live in beautiful Clear Lake, Manitoba. How great is this? The brand-new 2019 Unity MB. This is the best looking B+ motorhome in the industry. Big bed. Big bathroom. Stand-up shower, dry bath, lots of living space, The Leisure Lounge Plus chairs is a great option. The big […]

New Mountain Bike Tech for 2019 | GMBN Tech at Sea Otter

– Back again here in Monterey at Sea Otter again. This, of course, is 2019, and we’re here to find out the best tech and the best new bikes. Let’s see what’s here. Come on and have a little walk around the pits with me. (mellow, funky electronic music) Everyone loves a pair of Vans […]