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The Quiet Season | A Cycling Short Film

I love this time of year. I call it the Quiet Season. I love riding out to the Great Salt Lake through the farmland, where there is little or no traffic. I rarely see other riders, but the ones I do see are serious ones like me. I never see other women riders, I must […]

Elevate: The story of Fremont High’s special needs mountain bikers

My name is Andrew and my team is the Fremont Silver Wolves. My name is Caden and I’m on the Fremont mountain biking team. So the elevate program was something that they added about two years ago I think it was here in the Utah League and it allows kids with special needs to also […]

Crazy Japanese Foldable Bicycle!

What’s up world?! Welcome back to the OPTIBOSS youtube channel! This is just a quick vid, I’m shooting it on my iPad. I just bought a bike here in Japan yesterday, and I have shown you a lot of different bikes on my youtube channel, my dirt bikes, atvs, all that type of stuff. I’m […]

Off Road Wheelchair Test – Can it climb a mountain?

[Zack] That’s doing so good! [Music playing] This is round…what is this, our second test of this? [Cambry] Yeah. [Zack] This is round two. We’re taking it up a mile long, almost straight up mountain trail to the “Y” here in Provo Utah. [Phone ringing] You want to get that? [Laughing] I’ve let some of […]

Slickrock MTB Trail – The Most Famous Bike Trail

This is Slickrock Bike Trail, an 11 mile loop in Moab, Utah. It was ridden by dirt bikers in the late 60’s before becoming what is arguably the most iconic mountain bike trail in the world. Early settlers referred to the surface as “slick rock” because on metal horse shoes it was a nightmare. Lucky […]


Taking of here jump until there! Yo guys whats up! Finally Golden October is back! There was mud and rain for like two weeks. So Back on the Big Bikes with Christoph! We are in Elstra a t the Blackmountain bike park. We are preparing right now, let’s SENDIT!!! First lap right now! So much […]