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10 Jahre Schindelhauer Bikes – Künstler Edition

My first idea was to put a big angle grinder to it, to take it apart asseble it the other way around, to make it a completely crazy piece of art In the end, a bike in itself is such a beautiful thing it makes it a bigger joy to just add something unobtrusive to […]

Kickstarter – Convertible Bike Briefcase by Two Wheel Gear

This year we are launching the world’s best bike briefcase. The pannier laptop briefcase features four separate organized pocket sections. The first is a padded 17 inch laptop compatible and accessories pocket. Then there is a daily trip items pocket. The third section is for small accessories and is quick to access. Best used for […]

An (Electric) Bicycle Built for Three

[music] I just actually couldn’t do it, you know – without the electric motor. There’s no way. I couldn’t get them up the hills. OK, so this is our battery. –Wow, cool! …and this is the key we use to turn it on. It is now on. Now you can go like on electric? Pretty […]

5 Keys To The Perfect Cycling City

(smooth jazz music) – [Narrator] The Danish capital of Copenhagen is widely regarded as the best city in the world for getting around by bike. 63% of its citizens use pedal power to get to work or school. But why is cycling so popular here? And what can other cities learn from Copenhagen? Coming up […]

Why protected bike lanes are more valuable than parking spaces

Let’s be honest: You could get doored. Or hit by a bus. If you were a cyclist in new york city, in the 2000s, it was almost like you were a cast member from Escape From New York Maybe if you were an extreme sports person, it was fantastic for you Because you were dodging […]

What To Wear While Cycling In A City

– As former professional cyclists, we’ve probably spent more time wearing lycra than bears thinking about. – Yup, and although the tight cycling shorts and the tight jersey and all the other tight cycling kit might be appropriate for longer training rides, sometimes lycra is just not the answer. – No, not for city cycling. […]