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How To Master Extreme And Technical Hill Climbs On An E-Bike

– When it comes to climbing, you might well have seen The Slab, a crazy, steep, 37 degree rockface in the middle of a city center. Well, (mumbles) you might have seen this, The Rock, more of a big mountain free climb up in the mountains. Or you might’ve seen the climb we did at […]

Climb Like A Pro – Tips On Cycling Up Hills

With riders all around you it’s easy to let the adrenaline kick in and start these mountains too hard so at the bottom of the climbs throttle back and take a moment to remind yourself how long it’s going to take, use subjective feelings a heart rate monitor or a power metre to pace yourself, […]

Hardtail Vs Full Suspension | Cross Country Mountain Bike Shootout

– When it comes to World Cup cross country racing we do see a split between full suspension bikes and hardtails. Though many of the top riders actually travel with both bikes, they’ll decide which one they want to use depending on how rough and how technical that course is. So today I’m gonna compare […]

10 MTB Tips For Beginners | Setup And Riding

– So this video is an essential list of the skills that are gonna help beginner riders feel more confident on their bike. But first, I start with a really quick bike check to make sure we’re starting off on the right foot. It’s important to mention that whilst I’m on a very nice, flashy […]