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NEW 2020 Trek Supercaliber Frameset Unboxing

Welcome to Petri Bikes Hi guys welcome back to Petri bikes Channel today we’re super excited UPS dropped off a package and we’re gonna unbox it for you it is for one of our team Petri Bikes racers this Trek Super Caliber frame set it’s new for 2020 we’re super excited to show you all […]


(monster truck revving) – [RCSparks] Getting that engine nice and broken in. – [Jem] (yelling) Awesome! (RCSparks laughs) – Armed. (engine starts) Now that’s a monster truck! (engine stops) (laughs) – [Computerized Voice] Please try again. (engine starts) – Can I ride it? (engine revs) It gets slower gear if I go to ride it! […]

GCN Tech Unboxing: Orbea Orca Aero Disc

(soft music) (dramatic swooshes) – We’re back for another GCN Tech unboxing and this one is a biggy. No, not because it’s my first one, but because we’re unboxing a brand new bike from our partners, Orbea. Inside this box is a brand new Orbea Orca Aero Disc and as ever, because this is a […]

New Fizik Mountain Bike Shoes | GMBN Tech Unboxing

– Today we’re going to be unboxing some fine, topline Italian footwear from Fizik. It’s a new off-road range for the company and be sure to watch until the end to find out how you can win a set of your very own. (upbeat music) We have three different models with us here and they […]

Unboxing RoadBike and Install with subtitle

Hi..today we will open a brand new bycycle.. order from online supplier we will open part by part and see what they are giving ok..what we have here a bycycle RoadBike brand BEGASSO complete with tyre and also accessories this is for the support a seat a seat.. with brand BEGASSO and we install it […]