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Uber Promo Code – Get A FREE Ride For New & Existing Users 2016!

Hello Everyone If you are looking for a free uber promo code, which will get your first uber ride for free. You came to the right place. This Uber promo code will get you up to $30 in ride credit depending which city you are located in. But before we get started on how to […]

Booking a Free Ride using UBER App | ANDROID | IOS | WINDOWS

Welcome to UBER A reliable ride is always just minutes away Lets get one these are all the cars in your area and how close they are You also have options from the everyday to the premium got a quicker end get a low-cost Uber Go… Are you riding with friends..? An Uber X is […]

Can bike taxis really compete with Uber? | FT

Hailing a ride has never been easier, thanks to smartphone apps such as Uber. But in congested cities it can often be quicker to walk. A new London start-up reckons it has the answer – a faster, cleaner, cheaper alternative – that doesn’t rely on the gig economy. But can pedal power compete? We’re going […]

Uber E-Bikes + Derestricted EMTB Races | EMBN Show Ep.35

– Hello, and welcome to the EMBN show here from the Adriatic Coast in Croatia. Well, the clouds are slowly lifting because we have just been, in what can only be described, as the craziest electrical storm that I’ve ever been in. The sky was totally on fire. And storm it certainly is gonna be […]

Can You Make a Living as a Delivery App Bike Messenger?

In the last few years, a new-app based service economy has emerged and companies like Caviar, Grubhub, Postmates, and even Uber now give anyone the opportunity to be couriers. Like this guy: Frankie Gallderizzi. He’s a full-time bike messenger in New York City. “I started about two years ago, I was looking for a job […]

Uber for Bikes Could Save Your Commute

– It’s a cool bike, right? Let’s steal it. (upbeat music) So even though this isn’t my bike, I can legally and easily take it or any of the other 249 just like it roaming around San Francisco. It’s part of a system called Uber Bike, and it’s Uber for bikes. Bike-sharing used to be […]