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Road Bike Vs Gravel Bike – Jebel Shams Epic Ride Oman

– Road cycling has been undergoing a change in recent years in that it’s no longer confined to just roads. – Take for example, that mountain over their Jebel Shams it’s the highest peak in Oman the third highest on the Arabian Peninsula. By all accounts it is a fantastic ride to the top but […]

NEW Continental GP 5000 Tyres | GCN Tech’s First Ride

(electronic swoosh) – Continental made its first tire in 1871, it’s fair to say the German brand knows a thing or two when it comes to making tires. And it’s no coincidence that they are the most popular brand in the pro peloton. Now the GP 4000 was first introduced 14 years ago and it’s […]

Best Tyre Width For A Road Bike? | GCN Tech Clinic

(electronic music) – Now welcome back to another episode of the GCN Tech Clinic, where I do my very best to help you get your bike rolling again as fast as possible out there on the road. Remember as well to leave me your questions down there in the comments below. Let’s crack on then, […]

E Mountain Bike Tyres Tread And Size Guide

– More torque, increased use, and heavier weights, mean that we need more stability, more durability, puncture production, and of course, grip, on our E-bike tires. But how on earth do you choose what type of tire to get? This is our fundamentals into tire choice, we’re gonna cover everything from width, tire compound, tread […]

How to set the perfect tyre pressure

Getting your tyre pressure right before setting out on a ride is really important. Too higher pressure and you risk a blowout. Too lower pressure and you risk getting a pinch flat. So what pressure should you be looking at putting into your tyres? Getting your tyre pressure right depends on two things – the […]

GPS Speed Accuracy, Di2 Upgrades & Taping Helmet Vents?! | GCN Tech Clinic

(swooshing) – Welcome back to the GCN Tech Clinic, where we help answer and solve your bike problems so that you can get back out on your bike again, riding and enjoying the sunshine, or the rain, depending on where you come from. Anyway, let’s start then, shall we, with the first question this week, […]

Hard Vs Soft Tyre Compound | How Does Tyre Choice Affect Battery Life?

– The type of tire you choose has a big impact on different ground conditions, but what effect does it have on the battery life of your E-Bike? (upbeat music) The first tire we’re using is the soft compound specialized hillbilly DH 2.5. Now this weighs in at 1290 grams. It’s a really aggressive, wet […]