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JLL® JF100 Upright Bike – Unboxing & Assembly

Once your box has arrived use a pair of scissors to remove the banding and tape. Open your box and remove all the parts, make sure to check all of the polystyrene before you throwing anything away. Check the parts against your manual to make sure you are not missing any items. Start by attaching […]

How To Stop Crashing On Your Mountain Bike | GMBN’s Crash Course Ep. 1

– We get sent your fail videos all the time, and some of those crashes are absolutely unbelievable! (gravel crunches) Of course, some of them are complete accidents, and unavoidable, but some can be avoided, and in this video I’m going to try and show you how. (loud crash) First video comes from Charles who’s […]


Yes guys! We’re the F2! And we’re in Paris with l’Oréal Men Expert! Jezza, tell them what we’re going to do! Today is all about SPIN TEKKERS It’s time to stay ahead of the game! Let’s do it! That was spin tekkers! If you guys want to see more videos of us Don’t forget to […]

How To Improve Bike Performance ft. Nicolas Spirig | Workout Wednesday

(MY WORKOUT) My name is Nicola Spirig. I’m Olympic Champion in triathlon. And today I’ll show you how to improve your bike performance, even in winter time. (IMPROVE BIKE PERFORMANCE) In winter, it’s sometimes hard to ride outside because it’s cold, and there might be even snow or ice on the street, so it’s dangerous. […]

How To Perform A Basic Bike Fit

– [Simon] Getting your bike well set up to your body can make the difference between riding in comfort and riding in pain. And for those of us chasing performance, it can be the cornerstone to reaching your full potential. Now, it is a complex topic, more art than science perhaps but here is our […]

JLL® IC260 Indoor Cycling™ Bike – Unboxing & Assembly

Using a pair of scissors cut along the seal on top of the box. Once you’ve opened the box and removed the contents from the top, lift it gently on the side, and you should be able to pull it out. Remove the packaging from the inside of the box. Ensure that you check all […]

How to unfold your Gi Fly Bike (For Experts)

Ok, now we are going to unfold your bike expert style, if you folded it expert style, you can unfold it expert style. Step one: as always approach the bike from the left side. Step two: with your right hand activate the folding lever. Make sure it’s out of the frame. Step three: super simple, […]