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Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) By Hill Climbing – JAVA 8 Tutorial

this tutorial will cover solving the Traveling Salesman problem with Java 8 and hill climbing I will start with a demo of a pre-built application and second I will step-by-step write explain and run this application and the application will find and display the shortest route and it will use the haversign formula to calculate […]

Hickory Dickory Dock | Super Simple Songs

Hickory dickory dock The mouse went up the clock The clock struck one The mouse went down Hickory dickory dock Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. A snake Hickory dickory dock The snake went up the clock The clock struck two The snake went down Hickory dickory dock Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick […]


Costi : Good Morning Costi : My pleasure *case* Costi : I love to see the suspension working Doggy THE BEST START OF THE DAY This start of the day is awesome Costi : Is this speed good? This is like a normal drop GO GO GO YESSSS HE JUMPED VERY NICE You can flat […]


Pretty Bad Intro but like, comment, and subscribe. Open as many possible chests. Upgrade grip and engine with gold let free upgrades take care of the other two since it stops at level 7. Motocross is good for a while but once super car is higher it is the best. Game lied to my face […]

How To Wheelie On An Electric Mountain Bike | E Bike Skills

– When it comes to wheelieing your e bike, it can be pretty tricky, especially with all that power on top from eco to turbo, and that weight of the motor in the battery. Things can get pretty tricky, so today I’m going to teach you how to wheelie your e mountain bike. (mellow music) […]

How to Endo On A Mountain Bike | MTB Skills

– Welcome back you beautiful people, now we’ve been getting this question a lot in our comments down below, and that is how to stoppie or how to endo. Now today is your lucky day, I’m going to show you how to endo. Yes! How can it help you out on the trail too. Let’s […]