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How To Lube Your E Bike Chain | EMTB Maintenance

– The chain on your e-mountain bike is one of the most important components to look after. Even simple things such as lubing your chain you can make a few mistakes with. So in today’s video, we’re going in depth on everything there is to deal with your chain. (upbeat music) All right, so let’s […]


THIS VIDEO WAS RECORDED BEFORE THE ARRIVAL OF CORONA VIRUS These ones? the grip xD I have climbed them once Is this a shortcut? What a view , without trash At least here it’s nice right? oh no This sign is so big Hollywood Downhill bye oops , I am in a high gear now […]

Eco Or Turbo? | Which Power Setting Should You Use On Your E-Bike?

– One of the main fears of e-mountain bikers, or indeed anybody thinking about buying an e-mountain bike is actually battery range. How much you can actually get in terms of distance from that little unit just down by there. It’s effected by so many things. None more so than mode, or level of assist, […]


all right what is going on guys it’s JJ here back with another video today we are with so in today’s video we’ll be doing an extreme kicking challenges video last video that we did was mainly focus on kicking stand we did a little bit of clapping pads but today we’ll be focusing on […]

Rulli per bici guida alla scelta caratteristiche differenze | MTBT

Hi, special videos to support all those who are stuck at home because of the damned virus to be able to train in safety a keep your leg trained you could think about buying an indoor trainer if you are undecided on which trainer to choose, this video could help you there are basically three […]

How To Climb Out Of The Saddle

– A la danser, they call it in French. Dancing on the pedals. Some people just make it look so smooth and so elegant and yet some people dread it. Mostly because they find it pretty hard. Well, I think riding out of the saddle is 90% technique and only 50% effort. So, here is […]