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Heavyweight vs Flyweight | The Effect Of Rider Weight On E-Bike Range

– [Steven] They’re always trying to get much more range of the batteries in our e-bikes right? – [Jess] Yeah. And one way to do that is put it in eco mode, right? – [Steven] Alternatively you could shed some weight. – [Jess] What are you trying to say? – I’m trying to say you […]

How Fit Did Dan Get In 10 Weeks? | Zero To …?

(crowd cheering) (whistling) (clapping) – At the start of the year, I decided having barely ridden my bike for a couple of years that it was time to get fit. So I got in contact with The Sufferfest who kindly agreed to provide me with a detailed 10-week training program. And with a lead who […]

How To Use Turbo Power Mode | E-Bike Power Modes Explained

– It feels amazing, you’ve got the wind in your sails, and you’re riding up hills at a pace that is madness compared to what we’ve been dealing with for decades. So we should all be riding in turbo mode, right? (techno music) – So you’re cruising the fine road and all of the sudden […]

Hill Attacks | Indoor Cycle Training Up The Passo Gardena

– Well, hello. This is the Passo Gardena Hill Attack session. I’m a little bit nervous, but let’s give it ago. It’s a beautiful day. Here we go. Well, thanks very much, Matt. This is the Passo Gardena Hill Attack session, taking place, of course, on the Passo Gardena and there is the beautiful climb […]

Should I Buy A Carbon Or Aluminium Bike? Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

(instrumental hip-hop music) – It’s a brand new year. However, we are going to continue answering your cycling questions every Friday here on Ask GCN Anything. And, if you’ve just decided to get into cycling, please don’t be embarrassed by your questions. We’ve all been in the same position at some point, and they really […]

Should You Buy An E-Bike? Ask EMBN Anything About E-Biking

– Questions, questions, questions. It can only mean one thing, ask EMBN. (techno sounds) – Okay, so let’s kick things off. We’ve got a really good question here from Joseph Rennick. And he’s got, hi guys, there’s been no convincing me that e-bikes are the future of mountain biking. I understand every aspect of them […]

The Year Of The E-Bike | EMBN Show Ep.52 Boxing Day Special

(electronic buzzing) – Who’s this guy, looks pretty wooden. – Did you invite him? Doesn’t say much, does he? – Doesn’t say much at all. – Bit boring. – Ay, lads, let’s get gnarly! (laughing) You two look absolutely hanging. Big day then yesterday there boys? – Big day, big day, big day. – Come […]

Zwift Group Workout: HIIT Intervals | Train With GCN

– Welcome to the GCN Zwift Group Workout, Race-Winning HIIT Interval Session. I’m gonna be completing this on an Elite Drivo smart trainer. It’s about an hour long. Starts off with a 10-minute warm-up. And in a few moment’s time, I’ll talk you through exactly what is gonna lie ahead. And all this is gonna […]

Short Travel Vs Long Travel E Mountain Bike | Which Should You Choose?

(energetic music) – Steve, just like normal mountain bikes, there’s loads of different travel options on the market. How do you pick the right one for yourself? – Yeah, it’s a big question. And a lot of people get really stressed out about whether they’re getting the right travel bike for them. But if you […]