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The Best Bike Trainers for 2020 | Bicycling Magazine

– Hey, guys, Bobby here at Test Editor at Bicycling. We have a lot of new trainers here so I’m gonna take some home, put some miles into them and see how they work. (upbeat music) (bike clicks into place) We’re up and running on the Elite Nero Interactive Rollers and they do take a […]

60 Minute Bike-Run Session | GTN’s Hour Of Power Brick Workout

– Welcome to GTN’s Hour of Power, and today, I’ve got a great little brick session for you, going from bike to run, that will have you done and dusted within 60 minutes. Right, as the name suggests, this one is all about power, so if you’re after an easy session today, well, I’m afraid […]

Cycling In Winter – Special Edition | Ask GCN Anything

(whoosh) – Hello and welcome to Ask GCN Anything. – Yes, and this week it’s a winter special. So, for all of us here in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather is turning, so we’re gonna answer all those questions on winter riding. – We are. But don’t forget to use the hashtag #ASKGCNTRAINING and you’ll […]

Big Bearpark Bike Bash | Cycling

So, we have been on Turbo Bikes and we have been doing cool adventures on bikes with Bike and Burn and we ride really good, but all you have to do is do you best and don’t give up. We decided to hold a cycling event at Bearpark Primary, mainly to get the children involved […]

12 More Things I Wish I’d Known About Cycling On Zwift

– Last year, we told you 11 super cool features on Zwift that you would wish you’d known about. And so it just happened, on Zwift since then, that we’re going to give you some more. 12 this time, in fact, just to make sure you are totally getting the most out of it. (upbeat […]

How Can I Get Fitter In Winter? | Ask GCN Anything

(dramatic sound effects) – Hello and welcome to Ask GC Anything. – This week we have got loads of questions relating to winter training from indoor training Zwift, how to build your FTP, and much more. – Yeah, that’s right and if you want to submit questions for us to answer next week, remember you […]

28 minute virtual bike ride / indoor bike ride

Ride begins flat 4% descent reaching the bottom of the descent now flattening out small rise coming up flattens out here another small rise flattens here and then dips down steady 2% rise here gradient rises to 6% it flattens here and then dips down for a few seconds On the up again – about […]