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Hello guys! Welcome to my first motovlog First of all I need to warm up and after that I will check if the audio sound is okay. The engine is warmed up I think it’s fair to say that I don’t want to talk right know I think this motovlog is will be nothing Maybe […]

You’ve Never Seen A BMW Like THIS Before | 1150HP 1100KG E36 [TECH TOUR]

– When it comes to being competitive at Pike’s Peak, power and weight are key. And with 1150 horsepower and just a touch over 1100 kg of weight, this E36 behind me should be a pretty potent competitor in the open class. Now we’re here with Wayne from Bimmerworld, engineer behind this car to find […]

Power To Weight Perfection | Pikes Peak Sendy Club [TECH TOUR]

– One of our favourite cars here at Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb 2018 is the Sendy Club’s Wolf GB08, owned and driven by Robin Shute. The Wolf GB08 chassis is purpose designed as an endurance car and in stock trim it uses a Mugen Built Honda K20 engine that’s mid mounted. While the naturally […]


Man, I was shocked! I thought the car was dead and I can go home! Everybody thought so at the track. The fire department got completely nervous and put binder material all over the track, but fortunately it was just some cooling liquid. 1987 Golf 2 rebuilt with Audi technique. Audi TT 1.8 turbo engine […]

Yamaha E-Bike Motor öffnen 2015 2016 2017

Hello dear viewers In this video i want to show you how to open the Yamaha motor case. Put the bike upside down for easier opening. Put the steering wheel on a box, like you see in this video, to prevent the display from damage. I turned the display down, but you don’t have to […]