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Should You Ride Your E-Bike Derestricted? | Ask EMBN Anything About E Biking

– Welcome to the first ever Ask EMBN. Where we get to talk, not just about parts and products but people, places. – Basically anything you guys wanna know about Ebikes, Me and Steve will bang our heads together, combine our experience, knowledge and get back to you any questions you got, #ASKEMBN, drop in […]

Make Your E Mountain Bike Faster | EMBN How To

– Now, you might have seen a recent video, that me and the Don did, ‘Are E-Bikes Fast.’ Well, we know that they’re fast, but how in fact, to make them faster? There’s many mechanical ways to do this, but there’s also some human ones too. These are a few of them. (upbeat electronic music) […]

How To Get Perfect Gear Shifting On Your Road Bike

– Poor shifting gears are very likely to turn your bike ride into a miserable experience. Now, playing the game of gear shifting roulette is not one that anybody out there should have to undertake. Riding along, spinning your cranks, pressing your gear leaver, and hoping that the chain engages into the correct sprocket. Frightening […]

The First Rubber Willy’s For Mountain Bikes | GMBN Tech Show Ep.54

– Welcome back to another weekly GMBN Tech show. Coming up on this week’s show, we check out some of those new YT bikes including the new Jeffsy which of course has a pretty crazy advertising campaign surrounding it. We also check out the new BikeYoke products including their rubber Willy for a bike, which […]

Will Riding Too Fast Break MTB Parts? | GMBN Tech

(bell chimes) – This is ask GMBN Tech, our weekly show, where we get to talk about mountain bike tech related stuff. So, if you guys got any questions, or anything you wanna know, fire your questions in to the email address on the screen there, or you can add yours in the comments below […]