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Why Rim Brakes Will Be Extinct In 2 Years | GCN Tech Show Ep. 45

(logo swooshing) – Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – Coming up, we’ve got Continental GP 5000 tires, a prototype SRAM groupset spotted in Japan, hot Taipei tech, your upgrades, the Bike Vault, and more. – Yeah, not forgetting our main talking point this week, are rim brakes gonna be extinct in just two years? […]

Continental GP5000 Tubeless Tyres // Long Term Review

Okay back here in the garage this afternoon doing some bike maintenance it’s been a while since we’ve been out here So I thought I’d give you my take today on the lifespan and my experience of my GP5000 tubeless tyres Now there’s a lot of reviews out there on the GP5000’s because when the […]

NEW Continental GP 5000 Tyres | GCN Tech’s First Ride

(electronic swoosh) – Continental made its first tire in 1871, it’s fair to say the German brand knows a thing or two when it comes to making tires. And it’s no coincidence that they are the most popular brand in the pro peloton. Now the GP 4000 was first introduced 14 years ago and it’s […]

How to change to TUBELESS TIRES on your bike

– Morning Trainiacs. We have a special project in mind today. The world is going to tubeless tires. That means taking the inner tube from inside of a tire, now you can’t do this with all tires but taking it out and sealing the rim so that you don’t even need the tube in there. […]

Road Tubeless Tyres – Are They Worth It?

There’s a lot of mystery around road tubeless that we’ve seen. What is it? What’s the point of it, and is it worth it? So here’s what we think. ♪ [music] ♪ First of all, what actually is it? Well, simply, using a tubeless specific tire and a sealed rim, you can dispense with your […]

Can a tubeless tyre survive a nail? | Cycling Weekly Science

Many bike companies at the moment are pushing tubeless tires and wheels. For those who don’t know tubeless tires are similar to a clincher tire in that they’re an open cross section but they actually form an airtight seal against the rim. Now instead of putting an inner tube inside the tire you actually inject […]

milKit – clean, simple & safe tubeless maintenance

mountain bikers using tubeless wheels know the problem you never really know how much sealant is left in your tire depending on the tire the temperature and many other factors, the intervals between the refills very. We were tired of removing our tire to check the sealant or filling in too much to be on […]