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Offroad Obstacle Course

this is Mike Levine from pickup trucks dot com for the 2008 light-duty half-ton shoot up we’re about to do an off road test with each of our crew cab 4 by 4s the off road test had three obstacles the first one was a gravel pit to test out how well the trucks could […]


Welcome back in another video! We are still at the Bare ranch, but we are leaving for Woodward, with Ray let’s put those stuff in go! news of the moment, we are going to Zink and not to Woodward but before leaving we must do a very good breakfast Guys America is an insane place, […]

Lifted Car vs Truck Off-Road Challenge!

(vehicle engines rev) (intense intro music) – All right guys, now that we got this Grand Marquis lifted, and we got the first rendition of the Silverado done, we’re gonna put them up head to head against each other and see how well this Grand Marquis can do off road against a truck. We’re gonna […]

7.2 Percent Hill Climb (Loaded)

this is michael Levine from pickup trucks .com and we’re at General Motors milford proving grounds for seven percent hillclimb with our halftime tow test each pickup truck has been equipped with a 6500 pound trailer and we’ve got a seven percent quarter-mile grade behind us we’re going to time each of the trucks up […]

Surfing trucks – world trip by bicycle!

Today a guy from the radio interviewed me and asked what I’d think about cycling in Africa. And I answered: “Well, it’s different!” At least different from the two other continents we cycled on. So this is what African downhill roads look like! But only a few roads in Rwanda and Uganda were as empty […]

Installing a ROOFTOP TENT on my New Tacoma!

[Rock music playing] Today is a good day! I’m adding a modification to my 2018 Toyota Tacoma that I’ve been wanting to add for a super long time- a tent over the truck bed right here. It’s like a 2-level, second story tent that just unfolds in minutes and then a ladder pops down and […]

MONSTER TRUCK TEAMS BATTLE IT OUT! | Monster Trucks | Hot Wheels

– New News New Hot Wheels Monster Trucks unleashed. We go to sports. – That’s right, eight new Hot Wheels Monster Trucks have split up into two teams. Team Orange and Team Blue Each team has two Rev Tredz with power winding torque. And two Bash-Ups which explode on collision. Two teams, Five competitions, first […]

The Ultimate Princess Jeep Build Part 2

[Music] so today’s the day we try to figure out how to get this engine in the Barbie car time to engine swap the old Wrangler I’m gonna go from this here battery to 450 CCS of four-stroke goodness [Music] oh it looks good in there and honestly fits better than I thought it would […]