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The Tech Room by Wilier Triestina | Cento10PRO

This is the Cento10PRO from Wilier Triestina the Cento10PRO is Wilier professional level road race bike and is built around Wilier race geometry. This example we have here is finished in this beautiful copper color which is very special to Wilier Triestina copper color was a signature finish back in the history of Wilier when […]

Bikes Of Champions: Wilier’s Private Collection Of Pro Bikes

– Whilst visiting Wilier, I overheard a conversation. They’ve got a few special edition bikes kicking around, so I thought I’d go in and try and find them, but before I do that, make sure that you subscribe to the GCN Tech channel, and also click the little notification bell, so you get alerted each […]

New Wilier Zero SLR | Lightweight Aero Bike First Look

– We have got a very exciting first look for you here today. This is the brand new Wilier Zero SLR. (upbeat electronic music) Now, Wilier is one of the most historic and recognizable bike brands in the world. This is its first super lightweight bike with disc brakes and fully concealed cables. In case […]