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Best TRIATHLON BIKE SETUP upgrades for triathletes on a budget

– Morning, Trainiacs. She is gonna be a sizable workout today. One of the coolest things about the Ventum here is that this 1.4 liter water bottle actually makes the bike more aerodynamic. So what we’ve got going here today is a two and a half to three hour ride, followed by a 20 minute […]

Triathlon Bike vs Road Bike Which One is Faster

Hey, what’s up, triathletes? Taren here. If you’ve ever wondered if a triathlon bike is faster than a road bike, stick around. Today, with the help of my trustee PowerTap P1 Power Pedals, we’re going to put my road bike up against my triathlon bike, do the same interval. It’s a perfect out and back […]

Triathlon Bike Fitting with Alter Ego Sports

If when you’re on your tri bike you’ve got any of the following issues: sore back, sore shoulders, sore neck, sore legs, sore knees, sore ankles, sore bum, or your training partner’s just a pain in the ass. Well we can’t fix that one but all the other issues can likely be fixed with getting […]

Drills to be More Confident with your Bike Handling

(door squeaks) – Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Morning, Trainiacs. It is going to be the first road ride outside all year. Had the bike on the stand yesterday, getting it all lubed up, cleaned, ready to roll. Man, this is like my favorite part of triathlon by far. Road rides outside with good friends. […]

Choosing the Right Triathlon Bike Saddle

– Who, what, why, where, when, saddles, and how to select the right one for you. Now as far as split nose saddles go. (grunts) (upbeat instrumental music) What’s up, trainiacs? Very quick video today because I just got in from a 30 hour saga of flying yesterday and I had a bad Larabar this […]

Triathlon Cycling Tips: Pacing Strategy

(upbeat music) – The thing about getting the bike pacing right is that– So it’s in and around that 70 to 85%– One leg– Good morning train-iacs. As race is getting under way getting a lot of questions these days about how to pace the bike, how to pace the run, but also how to […]

Pro Triathlete Bike Position: Sebastian Kienle

– New video board at the pool is absolutely lit! (music) How tight in can we get our elbows without feeling any sort of pinch? – So I should clarify that Taren didn’t actually pass off to me, he just kept running. (engine whirring) – What’s up trainiacs? In an effort to get more vitamin […]

TRIATHLON BIKE FIT guide Part 1: How to Set PROPER SADDLE position

– [Announcer] Oh, hello there trainiacs. Nice little recovery ride today. What I have cooked up for you now is a multi part series addressing just basic bike fitting setup. We’re gonna go through saddle height. We’re gonna go through fore and aft. We’re gonna go through setting up your front end and all how […]

Triathlon Bike vs Road Bike

– Now the biggest key difference, obviously, between a road bike and a tri bike is the front end. (whoosh) On a tri bike, it’s about 90 degrees. (whoosh) (energetic music) (whoosh) Good afternoon, traniacs. We are currently off to Alter Ego Sports, your favorite bike shop, my favorite bike shop, everyone in Winnipeg’s favorite […]

Triathlon Bike Gear Selection

– Gear right, you’ll be fast. Bouncing your bum up and down. Bike gearing. Trainiacs, trainiacs, trainiacs. Bike gearing, bike gearing, bike gearing. I get asked occasionally to do a video on gearing for a bike, and I’m going to totally sidestep the question about gear ratios and what sort of front chain ring you […]