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How to Triathlon Transition Properly: Swim to Bike Transition 1

(bike chain) Morning Trianiacs. Check this out. Fastest bike to run transition in history, right there that was it. So, as you’re all preparing for your races you’re probably wondering how do I transition? How do I go from one event to another? Well, right after I go for this run I’m gonna meet you […]

TRIATHLON NEWS March 5, 2019: USA Triathlon, Peloton worth billions & ITU Oceania

What’s Up Trainiacs! (quiet upbeat music) Welcome to this week’s Triathlon News Day Tuesday. In this week’s edition of Triathlon News Day. USA Triathlon is handing out money, just making it rain all over the place. Speaking of money, one of the biggest IPO’s in endurance sports history is about to go down this summer, […]

Mat Steinmetz’s 4 Pillars of TRIATHLON BIKE FITTING

– Good early afternoon, Trainiacs. Just got back from Boulder yesterday, and today was an intense bike. I did four minute sections six times building up to a max effort. That got nasty at the end. Whoa. So if you followed while I was in Boulder at all, you will know that Mat Steinmetz is […]

Can You Use a Mountain Bike In A Triathlon? | Beginner Triathlon Bike

– Morning trainiacs, with a lot of people doing their first few triathlons early in the season. You might be thinking, can you do a triathlon on a mountain bike? This is a typical bike that most people will have lying around. Well, spoiler alert, the answer is yes. Whatever bike you have, that’s the […]

Triathlon Travel Checklist: Items That Save Me Huge Headaches

(door slamming) – Morning trainiacs, morning trainiacs. I gotta get going for a nice little ride. A hilly ride. The Gibraltar ride, if you know what that means in Santa Barbara. It’s a nice one. (zipper buzzing) Now, over the last two years, there are a lot of little hacks that I’ve found to make […]

Are We Moving Triathlon Taren Headquarters?

– Morning Trainiacs. Going for the first long run in Santa Barbara. Look at this, this is so nice. They got trees, they got hills, they got dogs that just come up and say what’s up. It’s gonna be good. Are we moving? To be determined, we’ll see, we’ll talk about that. (upbeat instrumental music) […]

How To Ride A Hilly Triathlon | Climbing Tips For Triathletes

– Riding hills in training is one thing. Riding hills in a race is whole different thing all together. After all, it is a race, you want to go fast this is your big dance. But trust me on this one, and this is coming from a man that’s known for some bad mistakes, there […]

Beginner Triathlon Race: What To Wear to Look and Feel Confident

– Morning Trainiacs. Oh, let’s let you brighten up a little bit so you can see my gorgeous face. There, about to do about a 4 1/2 kilometer swim set here, but that’s not what we’re talking about here today. With a lotta people just getting into setting those New Year’s resolutions, and one of […]

How Much Faster is a Road Bike with Clip On Aerobars?

(water splashing) (foot steps thumping) – Morning, Trainiacs. Just about to head out to the Tuesday, Thursday morning group ride. That’s not what we’re talking about, though. A lot of you have a road bike, and you’re wondering if aero bars put on that road bike are worth it. Well, what we’re gonna do is […]