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How to Triathlon Transition Properly: Swim to Bike Transition 1

(bike chain) Morning Trianiacs. Check this out. Fastest bike to run transition in history, right there that was it. So, as you’re all preparing for your races you’re probably wondering how do I transition? How do I go from one event to another? Well, right after I go for this run I’m gonna meet you […]

How To Improve Your Running Vo2 Max | Triathlon Training Explained

(digital electronic whizzing) – Welcome to “Triathlon Training Explained”, we’ve gone into the how to find your VO2 max in a recent video, so now you know how to get your numbers, how do you go about improving them? – Yeah, now part of having a high VO2 max comes down to genetics, but you’ll […]

TRIATHLON NEWS March 5, 2019: USA Triathlon, Peloton worth billions & ITU Oceania

What’s Up Trainiacs! (quiet upbeat music) Welcome to this week’s Triathlon News Day Tuesday. In this week’s edition of Triathlon News Day. USA Triathlon is handing out money, just making it rain all over the place. Speaking of money, one of the biggest IPO’s in endurance sports history is about to go down this summer, […]

Mat Steinmetz’s 4 Pillars of TRIATHLON BIKE FITTING

– Good early afternoon, Trainiacs. Just got back from Boulder yesterday, and today was an intense bike. I did four minute sections six times building up to a max effort. That got nasty at the end. Whoa. So if you followed while I was in Boulder at all, you will know that Mat Steinmetz is […]

How To Fuel On The Bike | Triathlon Training Explained

– Welcome back to Triathlon Training explained powered by TrainingPeaks. Fueling on the bike is clearly very important be that during training or during a race. However, what you fuel with, how often, and your fueling strategy is not all so clear. – No it isn’t, I mean, Mark, we’re about to head out on […]

Is It Time To Ban Triathlon Bikes? | The GTN Show Ep. 131

– This is the GTN Show, brought to you by Amp Human. Welcome. After a lot of recent hype around a certain running shoe I’ve got a different question to ask you. Do you think triathlon bikes should be banned? Well to help me answer that question I’m going to be enlisting the help of […]

Can You Use a Mountain Bike In A Triathlon? | Beginner Triathlon Bike

– Morning trainiacs, with a lot of people doing their first few triathlons early in the season. You might be thinking, can you do a triathlon on a mountain bike? This is a typical bike that most people will have lying around. Well, spoiler alert, the answer is yes. Whatever bike you have, that’s the […]

Triathlon Travel Checklist: Items That Save Me Huge Headaches

(door slamming) – Morning trainiacs, morning trainiacs. I gotta get going for a nice little ride. A hilly ride. The Gibraltar ride, if you know what that means in Santa Barbara. It’s a nice one. (zipper buzzing) Now, over the last two years, there are a lot of little hacks that I’ve found to make […]

Nike Running Shoes Banned Forever!? | The GTN Show Ep. 130

– Welcome to the GTN Show brought to you by AMP Human and this week from the Playitas Resort in Fuerteventura is we’re getting a load of content for you guys out there. But we’ve got a lot of news this week, including, a pretty big announcement from GTN. What was it again, Heather? – […]

What Is Perfect Running Form? | Run Technique Tips For All Runners

– Okay, so how many of you watch the top runners on TV in absolute awe? Yep, they just glide over the ground and make it look nothing short of effortless, some may say they have the perfect run form, but what makes it so perfect, so effortless or so easy? Well today I’m going […]