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What Is A Triathlon Bike?

(upbeat pop music) – Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love looking at a triathlon bike, or at least dreaming about one? ‘Cause, well they look pretty cool, don’t they? Now these bikes come with a whole host of beneficial features, compared to a regular road bike. And today, I’m gonna walk through the benefits of […]

ZWIFT vs CYCLING OUTDOORS: triathlon training cycling tips

– Morning, Trainiacs. Might not yet be tropical. We’ve got snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, more snow. However, that’s the ground, and that means that it’s almost outdoor riding season, and that means that I have to make a decision about how often I’m gonna bike inside and stay on my newfound fifth love, Zwift. […]

Cycling on Rollers – Great Bike Roller Demonstration by Jack Hicky

Bobby: You ready? Jack: Yeah I’m going Bobby: One of you guys give the balls please. And there’s one more in my pocket. Bobby: Alright, all good. Jack: I’m the worst juggler Bobby: Good enough. Jack: Do you want me to do something more? Bobby: Say again? Yeah what else you wanna do? Jack: Jump […]

Triathlon Cycling Tips: Pacing Strategy

(upbeat music) – The thing about getting the bike pacing right is that– So it’s in and around that 70 to 85%– One leg– Good morning train-iacs. As race is getting under way getting a lot of questions these days about how to pace the bike, how to pace the run, but also how to […]

Pro Triathlete Bike Position: Sebastian Kienle

– New video board at the pool is absolutely lit! (music) How tight in can we get our elbows without feeling any sort of pinch? – So I should clarify that Taren didn’t actually pass off to me, he just kept running. (engine whirring) – What’s up trainiacs? In an effort to get more vitamin […]

Triathlon Bike Gear Selection

– Gear right, you’ll be fast. Bouncing your bum up and down. Bike gearing. Trainiacs, trainiacs, trainiacs. Bike gearing, bike gearing, bike gearing. I get asked occasionally to do a video on gearing for a bike, and I’m going to totally sidestep the question about gear ratios and what sort of front chain ring you […]

Reasons Triathletes Should Bike Commute to Work

– I feel like I lost a hammer fight. (swoosh) Your lifetime cool points go up a few notches. (swoosh) – I got in my sleeping bag and like we were done. (swoosh) – Morning trainiacs, after trying to be a real hero yesterday with free, back, breast, and fly, all these muscles that I […]