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How Much Faster is a Road Bike with Clip On Aerobars?

(water splashing) (foot steps thumping) – Morning, Trainiacs. Just about to head out to the Tuesday, Thursday morning group ride. That’s not what we’re talking about, though. A lot of you have a road bike, and you’re wondering if aero bars put on that road bike are worth it. Well, what we’re gonna do is […]

Thoughts from the bike: The perfect race simulation long ride

– [Speaker] Morning, trainiacs. Big ride today, big, big, big ride. Well, not massively big, but big based off of what I have been doing. So, we are now two and a half months out from Half Ironman Puerto Rico, 2019. My, hopefully, Half Ironman World Championship qualifying race. At least, my crack at it. […]

ZWIFT vs CYCLING OUTDOORS: triathlon training cycling tips

– Morning, Trainiacs. Might not yet be tropical. We’ve got snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, more snow. However, that’s the ground, and that means that it’s almost outdoor riding season, and that means that I have to make a decision about how often I’m gonna bike inside and stay on my newfound fifth love, Zwift. […]

Drills to be More Confident with your Bike Handling

(door squeaks) – Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Morning, Trainiacs. It is going to be the first road ride outside all year. Had the bike on the stand yesterday, getting it all lubed up, cleaned, ready to roll. Man, this is like my favorite part of triathlon by far. Road rides outside with good friends. […]