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Triathlon Training Explained | Bike Pacing For Triathlon And Time Trialling

(upbeat instrumental music) – Welcome back to triathlon training explained, powered by Training Peaks. This week we’re gonna be looking at bike pacing within a triathlon. – Yeah, we’re particularly talking about non drafting triathlon here, where an evenly paced bike leg is thought to have the best end result, but as we all know […]

The Canyon Speedmax – Evolution Of A Triathlon Super Bike

– As the sport of triathlon grows as do the number of bikes that are available to us. So when it comes to choosing a new bike, the correct bike for yourself, it can be a really tough task. We have entry level bikes, mid range bikes, and high end bikes, but actually what is […]

How To Make Your Triathlon Bike More Comfortable

– Aren’t triathlon bikes meant to be uncomfortable? Well if you asking that question then I can assure you that you’re not alone. Sadly this seems to be a common misconception that triathlon bikes and time trial bikes are uncomfortable and that you just have to deal with it. But actually they can be comfortable […]

The Impact Of Running On Cycling | Is Running Good For Bike Riding?

(upbeat music) – Cycling is a non-weightbearing sport with little or no impact, whereas running is a weightbearing sport that actually has impact on every stride. As much as five to seven times your body weight. So is there any way in which these two sports can complement each other? – Well clearly as triathletes […]

Best TRIATHLON BIKE SETUP upgrades for triathletes on a budget

– Morning, Trainiacs. She is gonna be a sizable workout today. One of the coolest things about the Ventum here is that this 1.4 liter water bottle actually makes the bike more aerodynamic. So what we’ve got going here today is a two and a half to three hour ride, followed by a 20 minute […]

Triathlon Bike vs Road Bike Which One is Faster

Hey, what’s up, triathletes? Taren here. If you’ve ever wondered if a triathlon bike is faster than a road bike, stick around. Today, with the help of my trustee PowerTap P1 Power Pedals, we’re going to put my road bike up against my triathlon bike, do the same interval. It’s a perfect out and back […]