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MON NOUVEAU VTT STREET TRIAL 🤩 ! (Inspired Arcade Team)

Hi everyone, I hope you’re fine! today we find ourselves for a new video and today, I’m super stocked because you read it in the title, it feels like it’s a new bike day, it is right here! I’m not going to make you even more suspenseful, it’s an Inspired Arcade, the dark chrome model, […]


Hi everyone, I hope you’re fine! Today, new riding session and today we will test this new red Inspired Fourplay, Even if it should not change too much from the green as only the color changes! I should pretty much find my marks on it. Today we are on the skatepark entirely in concrete where […]


Hi everybody, I hope you are well ! Today I’m going to answer a question that come very often in the comments: Can we do streettrials with a bmx? The answer is NO ! That’s it for this video, I hope you liked it, Do not hesitate to put… No, more seriously, today we will […]


Hi everyone, I hope you’re fine! Today we meet for a new video and today I’m not alone! I am with Coco Inspired! Hello ! Today’s first session on this Inspired Arcade, he is with his brand new Inspired Skye, We found some spots in Colmar, here we go! No more energy ! And it’s […]

Hans Rey Vs Chris Smith | Game Of E-BIKE

– Super excited today. I’ve got a really special game of e-bike lined up with a special guest. He’s just so a legend of the sport. He’s done so much for mountain biking and if there was ever to do a to-do list in mountain biking this guy has ticked off more boxes than most. […]

A “normal” Trials Bike session |SickSeries #51

Hey guy´s, it´s us again Sick Series at least we didn´t get caught by a speed trap but you have our numbers haha pretty sick right? today we´re back in Innsbruck – back on our trial bikes we just wanna do a normal trial session without a challenge, just riding our bikes and having fun […]

What Is A Trials Bike | MTB Trials

– Let me introduce you to a competition trials bike. Now you may be looking at this bike thinking, “What on Earth is that mountain bike I’m looking at? “Why has it got no seat? Why is it so long? Why is it “so low?” Now, I’ll grant you it’s a strange looking thing but […]

Massive Bike Check & Dungeon Build!

You guys keep asking me for a massive bike check video, and I’ve been avoiding it. There have been so many bikes on this channel, some of which are no longer in my possession. Plus, the bike dungeon is not exactly in showroom condition. This is long overdue. Not just a cleanup, but a reorganization […]