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Whats up guys! New Video! We just drove to Walmart! Sam and Lukas are here as well! Thanh behind the lens! We are going to buy the cheapest trash bikes we can find at walmart Gonna ride them till they break and see who’s bike lasts longest! lets check the bikes out! lets go! who’s […]

MTB Trends That Suck | The Worst Things About Mountain Biking

– Trends, mountain biking is full of them. From the neon clothing from the early days to the motocross kit for downhillers in the late ’90s, some have been great, others have been less so. – Yeah and for every couple of hits, perhaps, there’s been one or two misses. We’re lucky enough here at […]

Top 10 Bike Trends For 2019

(upbeat electronic music) – We’re rapidly approaching the end of 2018, and it’s about this time of year where we start thinking about what’s gonna come up next year. So in this video, I’m gonna talk you through trends that we think will be poppin’ up in the coming year. Hopefully our predictions will be, […]