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well guys that has finally happened tonight starts the stay-at-home order for Texas we all just got text messages on our phone saying that tonight starts to stay-at-home order and that sucks because that means I cannot go fishing no more which really really sucks I plan to fish every day for spring and it’s […]


we survived what is up guys and welcome back to another video it is a beautiful day the Sun is out there is no wind the birds are chirping and today we’re going out on the kayak baby I’m pretty excited because my friend Cody who I’ve been friends with since I was like a […]

Trek Verve+

More power, more possibility. Electrify your everyday with Verve+.

The Bicycle Thief (Short Film)

You found it, you found my bike! Yes, this time. But what do you always have to do from now on? Lock it, I’ll always lock it. Right. Did you find the thief? No, Just your bicycle.

Alberto Contador’s Trek Emonda SLR | Tour de France 2017

(heavy music) – This is Alberto Contador’s brand new Trek Emonda. Now the previous Trek Emonda was just 690 grams for the frame, and this one, just released, is now 640 grams, and that’s for the same size frame as Alberto is riding here, which is a size 56. Now, Trek’s sell two different geometries […]

Personalised & Lightweight Pro Cycling Tech From The Giro d’Italia 2019

– I’m here at the Giro d’Italia, and it’s time to go and find some of the lightweight and custom tech on the rider’s bikes. Let’s go and have a look. Right, I’ve just happened to bump into Alexander Vinokourov of the Astana team, and he has got, probably the most bling pair of shoes […]

Tour de France & Eurobike Tech Special | GCN Tech Show Ep. 28

– Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. As ever, we’ve got a whole heap of tech that’s launched for you this week. As well as that, Si and Oliver, they’re over at Eurobike in Germany, which is a humongous trade show. They’re gonna be bringing you their latest in tech from there, too. (upbeat instrumental […]