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How To: Optimize Your E-Bike Range

I’m normally all over the place with my hands. (singing) I feel like it’s smaller; is that possible? How To: Optimize Your E-Bike Range If you’ve gone for a spin on an e-bike, you already know how much fun they are. E-bikes take all the fun of a traditional bike, and multiply it with a […]

Electric bikes: everything you need to know

(upbeat remixed music) – So we here at The Verge love electric rideables. Hoverboards, skateboards, scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, unicycles, tricycles, you name it, we’ve ridden it. But I’m here to tell you why I think electric bikes in particular are more than just a fun tech fad. I think they could actually be the future […]

How To: Remove and Install Bike Wheels

Knowing how to… Is there supposed to be another word in there? Start over. Knowing how to remove your front and rear wheels is an essential part of bike ownership. Today, we are going to walk you through that process. If you’re removing the rear wheel, first give your chain some slack by shifting to […]

The Achromatic Rider – Combattere l’acromatopsia con la Mountain-bike

Hi everyone! My name is Luca Breda, I am 20 years old and I live in Treviso. My greatest passion is mountain-biking. During these last years, over time, I have discovered the discipline I used to like most… …which is enduro mountain-biking so a kind of downhill mountain-biking… …mixed with some climbs. However, you have […]

How To: Care for Your E-Bike

Crazy eyes… Getting the best performance out of your e-bike battery doesn’t stop when your ride ends. Once you’ve reached your destination, care for your battery by charging it near room temperature and store it in a dry environment. You never want to charge your battery when it’s wet, and you shouldn’t store it in […]

Speed Concept: The Fastest Bike Just Got Faster

Hi, I’m Tim Reed, and I’m from Australia. I’m a professional triathlete, and new to the Trek Factory Racing Team. This is my Trek Speed Concept. So, the beautiful part about the Trek Speed Concept is that it’s built as a complete aerodynamic system: me, the rider, and all the integrated features. It starts with […]

Cycling’s Darkest Secrets Uncovered! | The GCN Show Ep. 290

– [Together] Welcome to the GCN Show. – Hello, and welcome to the GCN Show, brought to you by mates at Wiggle. – This week we’re absolutely packed to the rafters, starting with cycling’s darkest secrets. (beeping) – I ended up just sort of taking it at an aimed run-up and– – Okay. (beeping) – […]

Full Interview – Benno Baenziger & Electric Bikes

– [Karen] I am having a wonderful moment of sitting-downness here at Interbike 2016 with Benno of Benno Bikes. Benno innovated the enjoyment of cycling with Electra, and is now starting a new company called Benno which is, I think, going to create a new category of e-bikes. And so here we are, ready to […]

Irvine Electric Bikes | eBikeSupply.com | #1 Electric Bike Shop

Upbeat Music So rEcycles Electric Bikes started when I saw a need for a customer with a slightly less expensive Bike. A more Affordable bike,A bike for the people. Just having worked for some of the big players out there, I saw that we made great bikes, but they were just to expensive. The quality […]