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Trek Verve+

More power, more possibility. Electrify your everyday with Verve+.

Una gran celebración

In the end, it’s incredibly hard to achieve, to win all three Grand Tours, and do it on several occasions. The Eiffel Tower represents my victories in the Tour de France. The Plaza de las Cibeles in Madrid, the capital. It represents the Vuelta a España. Then the Piazza del Duomo in Milan, where the […]

Trek Remedy (with Cam McCaul!)

I’m Cam McCaul, and I’m standing next to what I consider my favorite bike, the Remedy. I think a lot of riders on the C3 project agree, because this bike is all about fun. A lot of people like to smash through rough sections like a monster truck, but I like a bike that’s more […]

How To: Pack Your BITS Bag (with Cam McCaul!)

Trek’s all new hidden storage makes it possible to carry a full flat kit inside your bike’s downtube. That way, you always have what you need to fix a flat without wearing a pack or dangling a seat bag. All new carbon Fuel EX models come with the Bontrager Integrated Tool and Storage, or BITS, […]

Trek Knock Block (with Cam McCaul!)

Crash. Wad. Bail. Whatever you call it, it’s the worst. First you check yourself, then you check your bike. If your handlebars spun around, you could be dealing with a gouged top tube, damaged shifter, or cables that have been pulled out. Trek’s answer is Knock Block. Knock Block is an integrated frame defense system […]

Bontrager Carbon Care (with Cam McCaul!)

What’s up? I’m Cam McCaul. Did you ignore the ‘don’t try this at home’ memo after watching my last video? Find yourself ripping-it a little too hard? Zigged when you should have zagged out on the cross course? Manage to cause some damage to your new wheels? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Carbon Care […]

Trek Allant+

Meet Allant+, the e-bike built for riders who want more: more distance, more style and more fun. We designed Allant+ to be a smart solution for commuting and cruising. It’s capable enough to replace your car and fast enough to make every ride a thrill. Bosch’s newest motor assists up to 28 miles per hour, […]

Trek Domane+: A Little More

Jens, see you tomorrow, man. Good night. I’ll see you guys later. Another one? Yeah I’ll have a little more. Sure, I’ll have a little more. How’s the wife? How beautiful is it? Isn’t this the best life ever? Jasper, you need a little push? You ok there? What a lovely day for bike ride! […]

How To: Adjust Your Rear IsoSpeed

IsoSpeed is what gives Domane its super-smooth ride. Some rear IsoSpeed systems, like this one, are adjustable for a smoother or firmer ride depending on your preference. In this video, we’re going to walk through how make that adjustment. The only tools you’ll need are a 2.5mm hex wrench and a 4mm hex wrench. It […]

How To: Ride Your E-Bike Safely

Owning an e-bike gives you access to a whole new world of adventure. You can ride faster and go farther than you ever thought possible. But with great fun comes great responsibility. Here are five things you should know before you hop on your e-bike for your first ride. First, and this one may seem […]