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Peloton Tread — is it worth it?

– He knows I don’t have a treat, so he’s not gonna listen. Come on, fist bump, Mattie. Mattie, everybody’s watching, and this is super embarrassing. Can we paw? (lighthearted dance music) That’s not, you’re not doing it. Today, we’re in my gym. Yes, I know, it’s probably shocking to a lot of you, the […]

E Mountain Bike Tyres Tread And Size Guide

– More torque, increased use, and heavier weights, mean that we need more stability, more durability, puncture production, and of course, grip, on our E-bike tires. But how on earth do you choose what type of tire to get? This is our fundamentals into tire choice, we’re gonna cover everything from width, tire compound, tread […]

5 Signs You Need New Tyres | E Bike Maintenance

– Mountain bike tyres do not come cheaply, but how do you know whether the time has come to put your hand into your pocket and invest in some new rubber. Here then are five signs you need to do that. (techno music) Now, first of all, you need to identify whether you’ve got the […]

Hard Vs Soft Tyre Compound | How Does Tyre Choice Affect Battery Life?

– The type of tire you choose has a big impact on different ground conditions, but what effect does it have on the battery life of your E-Bike? (upbeat music) The first tire we’re using is the soft compound specialized hillbilly DH 2.5. Now this weighs in at 1290 grams. It’s a really aggressive, wet […]

How To Find Your Perfect Tyre Pressure | Hard Vs Soft Tyres

– Are you worried or unsure about what tyre pressure you should be running on your bike? Just got into the sport or maybe lookin’ for a quick way to improve, well, here it is. (smashing sound) Right, understanding the grip your bike has with the terrain and how tyre pressure affects that will give […]