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How to negotiate roundabouts when cycling | Commute Smart

There are many types and sizes of roundabouts which can cause confusion amongst cyclists. What can you do to help negotiate roundabouts with ease? Approach a roundabout the same way you would if driving a car and take control of the appropriate lane for your intended exit. How early you should move to take control […]

Mountain Biking in the Scottish Borders – Ruaridh’s Story

Growing up in the countryside, I kind of took to mountain biking quite naturally really. We used to just climb trees, ride our bikes round the hills and we just had a freedom to roam. I was very fortunate to take up mountain biking when Glentress and the Seven Stanes were really taking off. So […]


Shortly, we are now on Abano mountain pass, and the road is pretty … mm.. how do I say it.. dangerous! very narrow and occasionally, no space for two cars to pass together. so, we have to stop from time to time to let the traffic pass us. the name is definitely justified – the […]

How to use TFL London Cycle Hire – Santander Cycles

Dotted all over London are these cycle hire stations and if you know what you’re doing it’s a really beautiful way to see the city It’s very easy! £2 for 24 hours as long as you bring it back within half an hour There are 700 docking stations and 10 000 bikes and I can […]

Cycling the Cambodian Coast | Bicycle Tour Around the World #16

We’ve come across the border…and there’s an Arsenal bar. But you’re not supposed to take pictures at the border post. Ohh! First few km in Cambodia and everyone’s cycling from school. That’s nice innit. We made it to the beach! 7000km Wave! Made it to the Cambodian coast. Matthew enjoying his Pina Colada… …at sunset. […]

Heavyweight vs Flyweight | The Effect Of Rider Weight On E-Bike Range

– [Steven] They’re always trying to get much more range of the batteries in our e-bikes right? – [Jess] Yeah. And one way to do that is put it in eco mode, right? – [Steven] Alternatively you could shed some weight. – [Jess] What are you trying to say? – I’m trying to say you […]

Wild Atlantic Sports • Electric Bike Tours • Kinsale 🚲🚴

[music] So even though I have an injured leg at the moment, the electric bikes mean I can go anywhere. Up any hill. I don’t think you should tell people you’re cycling an electric bike at all. Yeah [laughing] I still can’t believe we got up the Bulman hill with no effort. Genuinely no effort! […]