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Downhill MTB – Descending the Most Active Volcano in Argentina

Good Morning! Here we go again Trying to climb the Copahue Volcano Through this Strange terrain I don’t know, something like moon Even so There is a pretty nice view behind me Still walking on the moon! This is the Volcano, And i can’t even breath Because of the acid smell yeah, time to go […]

This is MTB Himalaya : No Stopping Now | Ep. 4

So Thomas, any plans for today? Go out there and have fun, hang with the lead group on the climb if I can and then have some fun on the downhill. We ride out through the village and then it’s just every man for themself. Anything can happen here. It’s just a crazy adventure for […]

Hiking up Castle Hill in Townsville, Queensland, Australia

We are here in Australia. This is a completely new country for Sam and I. We are going to be exploring Queensland for the next two weeks. We’re actually starting our trip off here in Townsville and this morning we’re going to be climbing Castle Hill, which you can actually see over here in the […]

Learning with Locals: 2020 Campus of the Year

The great thing about biking on Prince Edward Island is that there is a variety of scenery, and terrain. Whether you want to go for a quiet bike ride on a nice level stretch of land, or whether you want to go through some rolling hillside with fishing villages, and along the red cliffs. It’s […]

Le Portugal ; Destination MTB

Welcome to this quick guide of mountainbiking in Portugal First, we spent a week in Madeira in february, The whole week was filled with perfect weather, back to back 20 Celcius degrees average every day. Easy to get used to. For the shuttle and guiding services, we did business with Bikulture A small company we […]