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Stuff that World Traveller @Cycle Baba Carries on Dhanno. Ep. 221

Welcome to Cycle baba’s Channel greetings lets continue from last video… in last video i have told you about my cycle and its parts today i will tell you about the baggage i carry. these are my 5 bags . in which i pack my luggage these are front penniers . peg on front side […]

How To Copy Your Road Bike Position | Bike Hire & Rental Set Up Tips

(exciting music) – Traveling with your bike is not always an easy option. Maybe you don’t have a bike box or a bike bag or don’t feel that confident taking apart your own bike. Plus an airline they are gonna charge you normally a premium to out your bike on that flight. This is where […]

Dirt Bike Racing In The Mud! | Clintus.tv

(upbeat music) – Morning, guys. Welcome to vlog day two here at Glen Helen Raceway, and it’s a rainy one. Getting something, this really light mist that’s going on. It’s like 50 degrees, so it’s cold, it’s wet, but it looks pretty dope on the mountain. Lemme see if I can a shot of this, […]

Road to Weissensee. A Bike Trip Story.

So everything has started here in beautiful Innsbruck This is me, my bike and some stuff. And here are glorious people from komoot team. We got together in one place to ride bikes to another place and meet more glorious people from komoot team. Wait wait but Why? Okay let me explain. People work for […]

I Got A Yamaha TW200 Dual Sport Motorcycle!!!

hey everybody it has happened welcome to the newest member of the nomadic fnatic team here on the roads say hello to my 2014 Yamaha TW 200 dual sport bike ain’t she Purdy blue everybody I got a blue bike so the other day my buddy took me over to Phoenix looked at a couple […]

How To Transport Your E Bike | Getting To The Trails With An EMTB

[Steve]People transport their motorbikes by various means, either by car, by van, by rack, by pick-up however, with an e-mounted bike and that added weight can be a little bit more tricky. So, today then we’re going to have a lot at the various ways of transporting your e-bike from A to B. Now, e-bikes […]

The eBike Cycle Tourists

Basically when I met Garry, or married Garry 6 years ago, he said “Stick with me baby and we’ll go places”, and that’s all we’ve ever done is moved and travelled and had a very exciting time. Up to today we’ve cycled 24,350 km Just about spot on 75 km a day 13 countries Collectively […]