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SMC-600R – Hitch Mounted Sport Motorcycle Carrier Installation

Today we’re showing you how to properly install the SMC-600R Motorcycle Carrier. To begin slide the Anti-Tilt device onto the Main Hitch Tube of the carrier. With another person, install the Carrier and align the 1/2” hole on the Main Hitch Tube with the vehicle hitch pin hole. Slide the Pinch Bolt and Sleeve into […]

How To Transport Your E Bike | Getting To The Trails With An EMTB

[Steve]People transport their motorbikes by various means, either by car, by van, by rack, by pick-up however, with an e-mounted bike and that added weight can be a little bit more tricky. So, today then we’re going to have a lot at the various ways of transporting your e-bike from A to B. Now, e-bikes […]

Van Vs. Pick Up | What’s The Ultimate Mountain Biker’s Vehicle?

(upbeat music) (whistling) – [Narrator] A versatile MPV and a pickup are both high on the wish lists for many of us as a vehicle for the mountain biking life. But which is the ultimate mountain biker’s vehicle? (whistling) (doors closing) – Neil, right, do you know what? I find it really hard to find […]

Sequel to the Cheapest Electric Bike! – Wave 2.0

Nearly a year ago, I emailed Wave Electric Bikes about their Wave Beach cruiser – which claimed to be “The World’s most affordable eBikeEVER!” at $599 USD, for early backers, available through indiegogo. It seemed too good to be true! …and it was. The Wave 1.0 was a terrible bike with a shady crowdfunding campaign… […]

Installing and detaching rear bench – Part 2

If you need more loading space, it’s advisable to remove the rear seat benches of your Mercedes-Benz Vito. And this is how it’s done. Lower the head rests as far as they will go. Pull the unlocking handle upwards, and fold the seats forwards. Then release the unlocking handles of the front bases and lift […]

13 Of The Worst Bike Lanes & Cycle Ways In The World

(intense music) – We all want more dedicated bike lanes in our towns and cities, but not all bike lanes are good bike lanes, in fact, some are bad, some are very bad and you have been sending in examples. So coming up are some of the world’s worst bike paths. (bouncy upbeat music) – […]

SC500-AF Aluminum Folding Mobility Carrier – Installation

Today we’re showing you how to properly install the SC-500 Aluminum Folding Mobility Carrier from Rage Powersports. With another person to help, install the Carrier and align the 5/8” hole on the Main Hitch Tube with the vehicles hitch pin hole. Install Hitch Pin and Clip. The SC-500 includes an Anti-Tilt and/or Pinch Bolt device […]