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Breckenridge Free Ride One Millionth Rider of 2017

Alright the Town of Breck has just celebrated its one millionth bus rider for 2017. It’s the first time we’ve moved this many people on our transit system it’s about a 20% increase from last year. In the 20 years that we’ve been operating we’ve now moved 11 million people, that’s pretty special for a […]

How we’re keeping transit clean

So we’ve been in contact with regional health authorities and also other transit agencies to determine best practice and ensure that we’re keeping our system as clean as possible. On SkyTrain, every SkyTrain car is being cleaned overnight. It’s a really thorough clean. It involves a wipe down. Both surfaces, sills, seats, windows, ceilings, a […]

PBOT Rose Lanes

[Aerial view of a Portland street. There is a red bus only lane, a green bike lane, and two lanes of mixed traffic.] How many people can move through this street in 15 minutes? [Numbers appear next to each vehicle and bike to indicate how many people are in each one.] How many people can […]

Bike And Bus with The Metro

Combining your bike ride with a bus ride is easy. All MAX and large Metro buses have a bike rack that fits two bikes. Whether you bike for exercise or just for fun, the Metro is happy to join you for part of your ride. Just tell the driver you’re loading a bike. Make sure […]

CityLink – Come On & Take a Free Ride!

Since 2009, Citylink buses have traversed Edmond helping people get to work school stores medical facilities and other popular sites around our city we’ve got four routes that service the different parts of Edmond we have a commuter route that goes to oklahoma city and we have a paratransit service that serves people with disabilities […]

A new way to keep moving in busy cities

Rush hour traffic is loathed the world over. So imagine swapping your car for another form of transport like a bike when things get sticky. That’s the thinking behind Ford’s “Handle on Mobility” experiment. Designed to deal with the realities of getting about in busy modern cities. The e-bike slots into the back of the […]