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Wie läuft ein Corona / COVID-19 Test ab? | Jörg becker Vlog #23

so that’s a deep throat swab then I have to go relatively far down please stick your tongue out today with another mission there is noc bike riding today because i have symptoms it could be that it´s COVID-19 corona because I am self employed I must look forward getting back to work asap that´s […]

SEB IS BACK!! | Toronto International Bike Show

Alex: Sebastian Kowdrysh, founder and co-owner of Everyday Biking. The man who started it all. Unfortunately, April 27, 2019, would be the last time we see Sebastian. Until now! Seb: What’s up guys! Sebastian from Everyday Biking, and welcome to the Toronto International Bike Show! Alex: Alright guys, welcome to the Toronto Canadian International Canadain […]

Evil Offering DELTA Suspension vs Kona Process 153 Single-Pivot REVIEW

Hi everyone and welcome back. Today I will be comparing the 140mm Evil Offering to the Kona Process 153. I chose these two bikes because they are both linkage driven single pivot suspension designs, have 29 inch wheels and slot into the trail category of bikes by having more than 130mm of rear travel and […]

This Is NOT What I Expected / Learning How To Ride

she’s not in her desk . oh there she is! Cheryl what are you doing? I got the mini bike down here I see that now remember clutch in a little bit of gas find a sweet spot and let it roll let’s go find Cheryl we’re going to surprise miss Cheryl with a little […]

EVIL EYE 2.0 to FREERIDE – Bikepark Geisskopf 2017 -subtitled-

I’ve never ridden this evil eye 2.0 trail – cause it was never open when I was here called “you go first” …or evil eye 2.0 lots of birds today if I remember correctly the last feature requires some speed so now I’ve done that trail too now.. this one.. little doubles overjumping them once […]