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How To Ride Loose Turns | Mountain Bike Cornering Skills

– We’re out here in Santiago, it’s the middle of summer, it’s not rained for weeks, so this is a how to ride dusty and loose corners. (upbeat music) So these trails in Saint Christopher are right near the city center of Santiago. It’s a real cool little network of trails. And check out this […]

NEW Continental GP 5000 Tyres | GCN Tech’s First Ride

(electronic swoosh) – Continental made its first tire in 1871, it’s fair to say the German brand knows a thing or two when it comes to making tires. And it’s no coincidence that they are the most popular brand in the pro peloton. Now the GP 4000 was first introduced 14 years ago and it’s […]

Four Ways A Full Suspension Mountain Bike Will Help You Ride Faster

– There’s no doubting that a well set up full suspension bike is going to make most trails easier to ride and that means that most of the time they’re going to be faster as well but how do you harness that potential? (water flowing, gears turning) (upbeat rock music) A well set up, full […]

Cheap Tyres Vs Expensive Tyres | Can You Tell The Difference?

– What do we look for when we’re buying a tire? Well, the marketplace is awash with different tread, casing and tire, compound options. What do you actually look for? I think, between friends, we can agree that price does play it’s part, but we’re hopefully here to inform you today as we do a […]

How To Use Lockouts On Your Mountain Bike Suspension

(upbeat music) – Today we’re out here on the trails, and we’re going to talk to you about suspension lockout. We’re going to tell you exactly what it is, how it works, and when you should be using it. (bike skidding) Most suspension forks have externally adjustable damping options. Common ones are compression and rebound. […]

Climbing Challenge – Which Mountain Bike Climbs The Best?

– [Neil] Today is GMBN’s climbing challenge. We’re going to try three different types of bike, see which comes out as the all-around best climber. – [Marc] We all know that a light bike is best for that epic climb, but what about when you consider geometry and grip? – Let’s put it to the […]

Hard Vs Soft Tyre Compound | How Does Tyre Choice Affect Battery Life?

– The type of tire you choose has a big impact on different ground conditions, but what effect does it have on the battery life of your E-Bike? (upbeat music) The first tire we’re using is the soft compound specialized hillbilly DH 2.5. Now this weighs in at 1290 grams. It’s a really aggressive, wet […]

Beginner Mistakes & How To Avoid Them | Mountain Bike Skills

– When you’re getting into mountain biking, it’s really easy to make some big mistakes. I know I did loads. – Yeah, we still make mistakes to the date. – That is true. This is some of the most common mistakes you’re likely to make when you start mountain biking and how to avoid them. […]

How To Fit Tubeless Tyres To Your EMTB

– So tubeless, how does it work? Basically this tire’s full of liquid sealant, latex. Soon as a hole appears in that tire, or a tear, the sealant rushes, by rotational force, to that hole, plugs it. Much like when you cut your arm the blood flows, puts a big scab on, stops the blood […]