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Has The Tour de France Really Changed?! | The GCN Show Ep. 289

– From a ditch, in the middle of the West Indies repairing a puncture, welcome to the GCN show. – It is the GCN show. Once again brought to you by our mates over at Wiggle. – This week, retro versus modern Tour de France. Has the tour really changed from its glorious past? More […]

Route 66 Isn’t What It Used To Be // Ep.9 Unicycling Across America

Before this video starts, I just want to quickly tell you that Ed Unicycles the USA. is now half price on Vimeo! So if you’re looking for something to watch over the Christmas period, I’ll be honored if you watch that. It’s currently ten pounds, You’ll find the link in the description. Alright on with […]

+15000w Ebike Walk Around [+100km/h]

Hello to all you viewers, so It’s finally time for the bike introduction video Many of you have hoped for this and I should have made this sooner but you know 😀 So let’s start this tour from propably one of the most important thing on an ebike Wich is the battery And you can […]

Simon Yates’ SCOTT Addict Race Bike | Michelton SCOTT Pro Bike

(dramatic music) This is the Scott Addict RC, belonging to Simon Yates of the Mitchelton-Scott squad. And while Simon, he rides a size extra small frame, and he sized down, actually this year, from a size small. Now he stands at one meter, 70 in height, which is around about five foot, seven. His brother, […]

Building A Retro Replica Bike | 1920’s (ish) Giro Challenge Part 1

(logo whooshing) – Now what with it being the Giro d’italia I was having a chat to Si in the office about how tough the riders were back in the 1920s. How they battled over mountains with just two gears on their bikes. One on either side of a flip-flop hub. And I said to […]

Building The Bike | Vintage Replica Bike Build Part 2

(whooshing) – Okay, the time has come to build up this bike into something that loosely resembles what the riders were using about 100 years ago. And while loads of you loved it when I built up that cheap bike to super bike so hopefully this may give some of you an inspiration too. Well, […]